9 reasons a woman won’t call you back

You met a femme ? You spoke to him and you exchanged your numbers ? And you would like what you remember ? Except she doesn’t? So you wonder why you stay without answers ? And you would like to make him change one’s mind to see you again? In short, in order to help you, I have listed the 9 reasons why a woman can don’t call you back.

9 reasons a woman won’t call you back

The main reasons for which a woman can not call you back.

  1. Another man has already preceded you

Know that a pretty woman never goes unnoticed. If you have noticed it, be sure that other men have also been able to try their luck. It could be that your conquest had a date with another suitor. If the latter was able to hook her, be sure that she will not call you back. Or maybe yes! But to tell you that it won’t work with you. It’s a tragic moment for the man but we have to face reality and move on. Or maybe she was already in a relationship and didn’t tell you.

  1. She came across information that changed her mind

As they say, it’s bad luck! But it happens. Don’t forget that with the internet and social networks, you can come across surprising and unexpected things. Maybe one of her friends knows you personally or has heard of you. If you think you’re clean and the last time you met everything went well, try your luck again. Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding. Take control of your destiny.

  1. She gave you her number to be nice

Do you know that women are unpredictable? Don’t be fooled by appearances because they are often deceiving. Many women agree to give their phone numbers to please you. Maybe you begged her or were too insistent that she couldn’t refuse. Always keep in mind that an exchange of telephone contact does not mean that the game is won. As you also have his number, try your luck again! Nothing will cost to try. At least you’ll be fixed.

  1. She’s not ready for a new relationship yet

Often, women need to pull themselves together and take their time after a love failure. Thus, she is not yet ready to start a new relationship. But that doesn’t mean she won’t call you later. you just have to give him time to redo a retrospective of his life.

  1. Your physique doesn’t match his style as a guy

The physique plays a very important role in a relationship. While some women prefer tall, muscular men, others are more attracted to thinner or shorter men. It all depends on individual taste.

  1. Age is a determining factor in a relationship

It is often said that love has no ideal age. But this is not always true because a significant age difference would initially be frowned upon by those around you. Then, sooner or later, there will always be a gap that could affect the relationship. In general, women prefer mature men. However, it would be ideal to go out with a man who shares the same taste in music, hobbies, favorite foods. Many elements come into play in a romantic relationship.

  1. Your attitude does not resemble him or leaves something to be desired

« It’s the first impression that counts. » This expression applies in different fields. If your attitude contradicts her own value or philosophy of life, there’s no way she’ll call you back. Do a little retrospection and analyze how you behaved during your last appointment. Maybe you are too pretentious or have a bad temper. Note that women are very sensitive to these details.

  1. You don’t have much in common

Two people in a couple must have some common interests. Otherwise, they can never do anything together. However, it is very important in a relationship to have moments of complicity. Normally, you can see this after just two dates. For example, the conversation might not flow naturally or flow very well. If you have too many points of disagreement, you will have difficulty getting along in the future. Note that the woman can always recognize when a relationship cannot work. It is obvious.

9. You’re not rich enough for her

And yes, it’s sad to say, but some women, and especially the michtoneuses are looking for men with heritage. That is to say who already have a car and an apartment. In short, go your way, because these women are interested, and you don’t have enough money to hold their attentions.

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