9 reasons not to use an “escort girl”

9 reasons not to use an “escort girl”

9 reasons not to use an “escort girl”. Bref, vHere are the reasons not to use a escort girl remunerated:

  1. Disease risks

Since the clientele of an escort-girl is subject to a certain preliminary selection, the risks are not as great as getting laid with a prostitute. Which does not rule out the possibility of contracting STDs such as syphilis, herpes or chlamydia. Even if you use a condom, you are never safe from a possible rupture or breakage during sex. The most dangerous thing is that some escort girls do not always require protection during sex. When the excitement is at its height, we take risks without worrying about the consequences.

  1. The scam

Many men have made themselves strip in this way. Faced with a beautiful, luscious and sexy woman, we often lower our guard. If you don’t get robbed before the act, you get tricked during sex. The most dangerous thing is that some escort girls work with accomplices. Like any act of banditrywe are never safe from a violence the consequences of which can be catastrophic for the victim. As a precaution, you should never take large sums of money with you.

  1. Debt risk

Sex is exactly like drugs or gambling. Once you find pleasure in it, you quickly become addicted to the point of ruins completely. Note that to build customer loyalty, the escort-girl uses all possible means of seduction. Unlike a prostitute, the amount to pay for an escort-girl is absolutely staggering. Indeed, it’s not just about fucking for a night. It can satisfy the least of your desires. No matter what kind of delivery you need, the girl will deliver. It’s his job.

  1. The dangers for his couple

Many couples have faced serious problems because the husband makes unjustified expenses. In addition to the financial problems, the lies multiply and the man is frequently absent from the home. This increases tension and the risk of breakage. Children are the first to suffer from this kind of crisis. It is therefore necessary to balance your sexual urges well and to think above all of your family, because the consequences are often irreparable.

  1. Poor quality of service

Generally, contact is made online. Most profiles are fake. In many cases, it has been found that benefits are not not always meet customer expectations. Some escort-girls do not finally agree to carry out certain practices which were nevertheless initially planned. It is for this reason that it is not highly recommended to use an escort-girl. Not only do you pay a colossal sum, but moreover, the service leaves something to be desired.

  1. We risk falling in love

An escort girl is a seduction specialist. It’s pretty much the same as a tease except she agrees to blow herself up. Many men fall into the trap, because the girl knows how to do it well. Plus, she’s both hot and seductive. However, be aware that this is an adventure without a future. It’s just like fucking a prostitute, only classier and more refined. Never, an escort-girl can replace your beautiful wife. It’s just a question of sex and nothing more. Don’t expect anything else.

  1. We give ourselves a bad image of ourselves

Know that an escort-girl is a “whore in disguise”. Her goal is no different from that of a prostitute. She simply running after the moneyn auctioning her pretty buttocks. To retain its customers, it uses all the means at its disposal. She floods you with compliments, she is fragile and considerate, she is delicate. She even manages to make you think she’s sincere just to impress. The man will feel perfect, unique, a real gentleman. However, it is a biased picture.

  1. We become addicted to sex

Certainly, sex is a vital need in a couple. Most infidelities, whether for men or women, are due to a sex problem: unsatisfied pleasure, lack of sex. Resorting to an escort-girl often leads to problems at the level of the couple, because the man tends to demand more than he needs from his wife. Indeed, the escort allowed him to discover unique experiences.

  1. We risk being penalized by the law

In April 2016, a law penalizing customers prostitutes in France has been ratified. Thus, all persons who use the service of a prostitute incur a fine of €1,500 up to €3,750. It is better to abstain so as not to ruin yourself. This is why those looking for libertine adventures prefer to survey dating sites or invest in nightclubs or clubs.

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