9 reasons to make love with an older woman (than yourself)

The number of men who wish to go out et make love with women older than them keeps growing. These couples, despite the age difference, are sexually fulfilled. Voilà 9 reasons to make love to a cougar!

  • 1. They are more sexually experienced

You wonder why choose mature women? These ladies experienced are here to make you enjoy a experience full of freedom and without tomorrow, which is a big plus if you’re young and curious.

  • 2. They are financially independent

Cougars are very women financially comfortable. If you are a student or in a delicate financial situation, they will not hesitate to advise you and give a boost by paying the cost of your outings: cinema, restaurant, night club, etc.

  • 3. No waste of time

mature women know what they want. They go straight to the point. If you want regular and hassle-free sex, they will always be available to meet your desires and to realize all your fantasies. These women don’t expect gifts, outings, etc. from you. They know what they want and what you want from them.

  • 4. They perfectly know the desires of men

Older women are more experienced than young people. So they know all the needs and all the cravings young men since they have had several romantic relationships and have gone through difficult tests and by demanding men. These women will be able to meet all your desires, whether sexually or emotionally.

  • 5. They are ready to teach you

Eating, drinking and enjoying life is vital, satisfying your desires, your desires and his fantasies sex is too! Even if you are inexperienced, older women are ready to teach you new positions, the art of seduction, techniques to achieve orgasm etc… You will have understood it! Being in a relationship is good, but being in open relationship with experienced cougars and naughty it’s even better !

  • 6. No more worries about contraception

The cause of certain cases of divorces and relationship issues between men and women of the same age is sex. Not live a full sex life with experienced women always contributes to a malaise among young people. Forgotten pill, pharmacy closed…. With young girls, you spend your time struggleto buy the means of contraception or to try to convince them to choose a mode of contraception.

With old women and cougars, no more worries since they are postmenopausal.

However, you should always use condoms to protect yourself from MST

  • 7. They want to have fun

Be in a relationship with an old woman or make love with a cougar, it’s enjoying a quiet and hassle-free relationship. They are financially independent and only seek toamuse and having a good time with young people. They do not care about your financial situation and will always be available to help you.

  • 8. They have fewer taboos

Indeed, mature women and ages have fewer taboos about their sexualities. That is to say, they will have more desire to take positions (including sodomy) which is more largely refused by younger women. Moreover, they will be more inclined to test new things, because they will have already experienced classic sexuality, and will be more likely to want to Spice up things, and get out of the classic framework.

  • 9. They have great conversations

Mature women, unlike superficial young ones, are more interested in what you do. Moreover, they are ready to discuss on any subject, given their maturity and their experiences. You can even learn from them to succeed in your private life and your professional life.

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Some videos on the subject

It is for these various reasons that we advise you to prefer the mature women and older than you!

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