9 signs that identify that you can kiss a woman

Identify when you can kiss a woman

Here are my 9 tips to identify when you’re getting close, and finally kissing a woman.

  1. Kiss on the first date

It’s not always so obvious, because in general, the first date is made to know each other. However, it all depends of the course of the meet.

If the current goes well, this could be the occasion to engage the first kiss. It is not recommended unless you are certain that the girl has fallen under your charm. You risk ruining everything.

The perfect time to kiss her is late evening when you walk her home. Take her off guard, but with delicacy (and consent).

  1. Know the signs

The greatest seducers recognize them at first sight.

Some signs shouldn’t fool you: she strokes the back of her neck or wiggles her hair, she can’t look you straight in the eye, but feels embarrassed, she gives a shy smile.

However, there is no question of rushing things. To make sure she’s really ready to take the leaptry to stroke his face or hair. If she doesn’t show no resistance, you have the green light. Do not hesitate.

  1. Act with spontaneity

Women are too unpredictable. Do not be too calculating because you risk missing the mark. The signs can deceive sometimes. Rather, it will be necessary to act with instinct.

Know that there is no logic, no theories who hold in love. You risk getting lost. When you feel that the current is flowing and that action should be taken, get started.

If you have any doubt, don’t take unnecessary risks. Be patient and let things go slowly.

  1. She shows enthusiasm during conversation

A girl who is bored, worrying or disinterested should be obvious. He … not don’t have any illusions. She is not not ready yet to receive your kiss.

Either she doesn’t feel you or she searches first to get to know you better before going any further.

On the other hand, when she becomes fully involved in the conversation or suggests other activities to do together, it is that she is well with you.

You should never miss the opportunity. As girls are unpredictable, take the plunge without delay.

  1. How does she react when you pet her?

To not run straight into a wall or be repelled, it will be necessary to test the waters. It is advisable to well observe his body language.

Try stroking her arm or hand. If she takes her distance or feel embarrassedyou don’t have to go any further.

On the other hand, a girl who is ready to take another step in the relationship, will answer you with a smile, she blushes or rubs herself more with you. It’s the signe who does not deceive. Take the leap.

  1. She can touch you too

In a relationship, it’s all about spontaneity. He is rare than a girl kiss you first.

It is the role of the man to lead the dance. However, she can openly show her envy.

It’s up to you to notice this kind of behavior : she puts her hands on your armshe touches you for several seconds while chatting with you, she puts her head on your shoulders.

You shouldn’t be asked to try the first kiss.

  1. look at his nose

This is not necessarily an infallible technique. However, there are at least 50% chance that you are aiming correctly. Most men who have tried it are rarely wrong.

The technique consists of observe the woman’s nostrils. If they expand in your presence, it could mean that the person wants to kiss you.

In fact, this reaction is a sign of excitement in women. Don’t hesitate to jump at the chance.

  1. Look at her lips

With women, it is enough to have a good sense of observation. Their gestures often betray them.

A woman biting or licking her lips should catch your eye. Not all men always notice them, but the great seducers never miss this kind of detail.

Have you ever noticed a woman who uses lip gloss in your presence ? They’re dying for you to kiss her. So, you don’t have to hang around.

  1. send signals

In general, it is up to women to send signals so that the man can understand how she feels. But the reverse is also possible.

Indeed, it is often risky to caress or directly touch a woman. She can take your gesture as a lack of respect or even harassment.

However, with a sensual gaze, you can also express your desire. She should be able to understand where you’re coming from.

⇒ Finally, you can try a closeness and try to kiss her. But be careful, there must be consent mutual !

To know : Under no circumstances should you force a woman to kiss you.

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