9 SMS (magical) to say hello to your lover

You are in a relationship with ? And you want your partner be very lover from you ? So you would like say « hello » to him in a tender and funny way? You need’ideas ? So, I wrote this article, in order to give you 9 ideas for SMS to send, in order to say hello to his girlfriend or her boy friend.

9 SMS to say hello to your lover

Of the examples of SMS in order to say « Hello » to his lover

  1. “Hello darling, I missed your arms too much last night, I can’t wait for tonight. Have a nice day-Kisses »

The man could not sleep at home the day before for various reasons. Don’t forget to send him a message in the morning to reassure him that you are thinking of him and that you are well. Receiving a text message from your lover in the morning is very important because he will feel essential for you. It’s good for your couple. It is a sign of attention and affection towards him. It is absolutely unavoidable.

  1. « Hey sweetheart, are you at work already? » Is everything alright ? I wish you a good day, courage my darling. Tenderly »

It happens that your man does not like the office because the work is too stressful or simply because he does not like certain collaborators. Sending him a text message as soon as he arrives at work will be a support that he will greatly appreciate. It means you have empathy and compassion for the stress he faces on a daily basis. Your text will motivate him and help him face the day with strength.

  1. “Hello, how are you this morning my love? Have a nice day. Big kisses « 

Many couples are forced to live far from each other because of work. However, the distance should not prevent them from saying hello to each other every morning. All it takes is a simple text message to show him that you think about him regularly despite the distance that separates you. This complicity is essential to maintain your relationship. If you’re in the habit of texting him every day, keep it that way because he might think things that aren’t necessarily pleasant.

  1. « Hello honey, how was your night? » »

Unlike the messages you send in the evening to wish your lover a good night, the good morning text should be brief. Indeed, it could be that he is not yet fully awake or that he is preparing to go to work. Thus, your sms will not be read in full. If your message is too long, chances are he won’t understand it. You should only send long messages if you have something very important to tell him. In fact, it’s better to say « hello honey » than « hello » or « hi ». This formula would be more suitable for your friends or other relatives.

  1. “Hi baby, you left early this morning. I just wanted to tell you that yesterday was great. wow »

Sex plays a very important role in the life of a couple. It is the spice that brings flavor and improves the taste. If your man left early in the morning and you couldn’t have a word with him, a little text message will do. In addition, you will take the opportunity to say hello to him. Indeed, men like flattery and especially if they have assured in bed, it will be a real pride.

  1. “Hi my beau, every morning I look at your picture and my love for you keeps growing. »

This is exactly the kind of sms a man expects from his loving husband every morning. When you are several kilometers from your lover, you often need to hear reassuring words. It’s good to feel that you are thought of and that you are important to someone. It gives you the strength to move on and work even harder. It’s like protein that will boost your energy in the morning.

  1. “Hello love, just to wish you a nice day. On my side everything is fine « 

The sms to say hello is necessary to know if your lover is doing well, if his alarm clock is working well. It is the same for him. He would like to know if you had a great evening. Texting him good morning early in the morning means he’s an important part of your life, and he’s not just an accessory. It’s very important for a man to know what he means to you.

  1.  » Hi my princess. Can you close your eyes for a moment and imagine me kissing you? I would do the same on my side. It’s done?!…..I think we can now attack our day. Bye »

Being miles away from your lover shouldn’t affect the intensity or breadth of your love for each other. SMS is an effective way to console yourself. Just pretend you’re in the same room and imagine you’re kissing.

  1. “Hello my prince. I miss you so much, when are you coming back? »

It is the typical behavior of a woman whose husband begins to miss. For his part, the male will feel desired. This makes it possible to assess the extent of the affection existing between the two people.

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