9 techniques for getting to know a woman

You are at looking for a wife ? And you would like to meet in order to have a girlfriend ? You don’t know where begin ? And above all, you would like to be advised on how to talk to them and on the subjects of seduction et flirt to address? In order to help you, I wrote an article on the 7 techniques to do acquaintance with a woman. This will allow you to recognize when they are availablein order to take action and dare to approach them to seduce them!

9 techniques for getting to know a woman

We’ll start with the basics. To do acquaintance with a womanyou have to know where to find them, then we will see the subjects that you can openin order to easily launch the conversation.

I/ Where to find single women

Let’s start by showing you the preferred places to meet women:

  • On thesocial networks

The social networks (facebooktwitter, snapchat etc.. ) occupy a prominent place in the people’s lives. Did you know that 1.9 billion users connect at least once a month on facebook? Furthermore, the proportion of the women internet users using facebook is 83%. Which means that this platform remains the best way to get to know a woman. you can go home and contact with ladies all over the world and whatever their ages in seconds. As the average age of people using Facebook is between 18 and 49, the opportunity remains very large. It should also be noted that women are increasingly present on new social media such as pinterest. Simply Create your account, and to send messages to get in touch with millions of women around the world.

Par exampleyou can use the do you have friends in commonin order to initiate a discussion on Facebook, after a « friend request ».

  • At activities where there are women

You have a wide range ofactivities that interest the women such as cooking lessons, dance lessons, sports or even music lessons. Of course, you should be at least interested in the activity in question so that you can feel pleasure while supporting women. It’s the easiest and most effective way to rub shoulders with the female gender and to make new knowledge. Indeed, there is no longer any question of approaching the woman. She comes to you and it is up to you to know how to take advantage of the opportunity to engage in discussion.

Par example, I signed up for a Rock n Roll class. We were 5 men for 10 women. A nice place to meet people.

  • On one of the 118 dating sites in France

Well, you mean that stat-rencontres.fr is specialized in the analysis of the sites of met. It is therefore normal to talk about it, especially since French women have the reflex toto register on dating sites when they are single, and want to meet the soul mate. Obviously, not all sites are suitable for everyone, depending on your search, your CSP, your lifestyle, and especially your age.

find all sites for singles in France and Belgium via this list of 118 dating sites in France.

II/ Topics to discuss to get to know a woman

Here are examples of topics that you can address in order to get acquainted, and put all the chances on your side:

  • Your behavior: Smiling, gentleman and funny.

To get to know a woman, he does approach good behavior. First of all, the most important thing is to be smiling, gentleman et why not funny. Certainly, it is a good basis for it to respond to your advances. At worst, you will become best friends of the world. It’s all about courage and of trust in itself. The best way to get to know a woman is to approach her and‘start a conversation. Of course, it’s not just any woman, but the one who suits you and whose style suits you. Don’t have fear. If the girl has a buddy, she will tell you nicely, or make you feel it. There is no shame or embarrassment in flirting. Moreover, women admit like to be picked up, because it is flattering on their physiques and behavior.

It’s important to show that you have the status and values that your target expects from a man.

  • Take a deep interest in your interlocutor

Approach a woman and getting to know each other requires some basic techniques. The goal is to make her remember you. In order not to fall into the lot of ignored suitors, you should be able to capture his attention by engaging interesting discussions which will give him the desire to continue further with you. Know the job that she dreamed of doing allows to have an idea about her ambition, dreams, hobbies. That way, you’ll know what to do to please her and make her enjoy your company more. For example, if she dreamed of becoming dancer, you can even bring it to a ballet concert. Likewise if she wanted to become a veterinarian, a horse riding session would be a great idea.

  • Funny questions: find out your favorite delicacy or your childhood idol

To meet a woman avoid trivial questions that the majority of men are used to asking. For example, « how are you »? or “how old are you”? The goal is to push her to entrust more and to share with you his life, his pain, which will make him happy. For example, you can ask her what she would do if she won the lottery. Know its position relative to theargent makes it possible to judge his character precisely and to have an idea of ​​his priorities in life. An open-ended question will help you get to know the woman better and find out if she’s your gender.

Use wit and humor while harvesting informations interesting and « reusable » about your suitor.

  • Confide in order to build trust

The establishment of a trust feeling is very important if you want to know a woman. She won’t be willing to entrust if his interlocutor is not very clear or too discreet. Is he ready toengage with her or is it fair to pass time ? In order to put her at ease, you should start talking to her. of your life, anecdotes that have marked your life, your ambition in life. The more she will know you, the more she will be opened and this confide to.

Show the woman that you are not here for a “one-shot” and that you are a trustworthy person.

  • Invite the woman you meet to talk about her

After speaking, you should know how to listen. This is very important to reinforce the climate of trust already established. Ask the woman to talk about her-even shows that you are interested by her person and that you plan to go further with her. Thereafter, you can re-engage the conversation with other subjects that have a direct link with the woman or yourself. The goal is to make your interlocutor believe that you are a interesting man, intelligent and which is worth knowing.

And don’t forget that we like people who are interested deeply et sincerely to oneself !

  • And propose to see you again

Finally, always end your meeting with a proposal to see you again. Unless, if you already have the phone number, and you know you can re-contact. It is important not to not stay in the « friendzone »and that she understands that you are interested. So, you have to be pro-active, and show that you are taking the lead. Thus, you can offer him a new activity which is likely to please him, and bingo! If she accepts, it’s probably that she isagreement to go further with you.

For further : if you have other tips or one testimonial, you can do so in the comments below.

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