9 techniques to get a man’s attention via text message

Attract a man’s attention via 9 techniques

If you like a man and you wish you weren’t just her friend, here are the best techniques toto get a man’s attention via SMS

  • 1. Prioritize subjects that are important to him

The first thing to do to attractattention of a man by text message is to have subjects interesting with him. Don’t talk about things that might bore him like politics or the like. Rather find captivating topics that might amuse you throughout the discussion

  • 2. Ask simple questions that lead to an answer

Always return to the subject of your last message sent or received to allow you to have a conversation longer. Ask him about anything that might arouse his interest like a movie, a series then ask him for an opinion. The goal is to do everything so that he writes a longer message.

But if there isn’t, don’t hesitate to change the discussion trying to always do the same thing.

  • 3. Make him outing proposals

Send him messages from propositions, whether it’s going to the movies, hiking, or eating (a few things he would like to do). By sending this kind of messageyou will be entitled either to an answer positive what is beneficial to you, or negative. As a result, you can continue your conversation without a hitch.

  • 4. Not texting novels

Never send a long message to a man otherwise he will have a bad image of you. Instead, send messages containing simple sentences.

If you send messages in length, it will certainly say that you are desperate. Moreover, he will not know what to reply to your messages.

  • 5. Beware of exclamations and emoticons

Be careful not to capitalize, exclamation mark, question mark excessive in your texts. This is an important detail that could determine your nature even if he does not know you well enough.

By putting these few points, he will not want to answer you thinking that you are bad mood or impatient.

  • 6. Don’t spam it. Give him time to respond.

Don’t send lots of messages in a row, it is a mistake not to make so that the boy does not feel harassed. If you have several things to say, send them all at once to make it more pleasant to read.

It’s a detail important who could determine your nature even if he doesn’t know you well enough.

  • 7. Do not answer him too quickly

To get a man’s attention via text, you have to create suspense around you. You should never let him discover your real intentions.

It doesn’t mean not to be praised towards him, but while being cool and warm in the messages. For this, you must leave a time interval before answering, within 5 to 10 minutes.

  • 8. Suggest he has competition

You can also play the map of the jealousy by text message to make him addicted. Let him know that there are other men out there around you so he can feel the competition, men like to challenge themselves.

So he’ll try harderinvest in your chats and show more interests.

  • 9. Do not send sexts

Useless (and counter-productive) to send sexts, because he will see you only under a sexual appearance, and will not seek to be interested in your person, and apart from your physique.

In short, especially if you want a serious and lasting relationship, it is better to avoid sexting, and suggestive photos of you, as long as you are not in a relationship.

For further : if you have any other tips to attract theattention of a man, you can indicate it in the comments.

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