9 tips for hooking up with a woman online

How to accost a woman on a dating site ? We have 9 tips for a successful approach!

9 tips for successfully accosting a woman on a dating site

In the article below, you will find advice on how to make a success of your hookup phase with women on a dating site, and succeed in your approach, so that she wants to answer you. It is important that your docking works from the first messagebecause women quickly block their interlocutors, and like to be seduced with intelligence and finesse.

1. Why is it important to have a good catchphrase?

First of all, know that women are clearly in a position of power on dating sites, and that they are inundated with messages. For example, a women’s profile, even without a photo, can receive dozens of messages a day on Meeticwhile a woman with an attractive physique will receive up to 100 a day.

The situation is the same on Tinder, Adopteunmec, Meetic, Happn etc. Thus, women very quickly skim over the messages you send them, because they receive hundreds of them. Therefore, it is important to know stand out, and to hit the mark in a few lines, otherwise you will not receive any response.

2. No generic catchphrase

Know that more than 90% of teaser messages received by women are very basic, and not personalized. In the front row, we find « hello, how are you? » », « hello » or even your compliments, such as « cuckoo, I think you are very beautiful ». Worse, women receive proposals from the first message, such as “Hello, would you like to spend the night with me”.

Be aware that this type of generic message has a very high probability of ending up in your interlocutor’s trash. In this context, carefully follow our advice below to write a catchy seduction sentence:

3. Personalize the message sent

One of the best tips we can give you is to take the time to consult the profile of the woman (not just photos), in order to be able to personalize your teaser message. Indeed, women receiving too many generic messages, you must be able to tell her that you have a real interest in her, and that she is important to you.

As a result, you are able to write him a personalized catchphrase. The women like to be flattered, and above all, they want to fall on serious men, who will be ready to sacrifice to satisfy them. This sacrifice begins with your presentation message.

4. Avoid the copy-paste technique

Our advice is not to make a cut-and-paste joke, such as you could send to all the women on the dating site. The women like to feel specialand like to feel that you have spent time for yourself brainstorm specifically for them.

Besides, many studies have shown that humor is the most important thing for a woman, more important than the physique of their partner, and so it’s a great way to stand out, especially if you have an ordinary physique. .

5. Take care of your spelling

Faced with competition, it is absolutely necessary that you be able to enhance your application among women, in order to stand out. Indeed, because they receive hundreds of messages, most of which are full of mistakes. Above all, do not write in SMS language, and do not make any grammar mistakes. You could be disqualified immediately. Our advice is to take the time to proofread before writing, or even to submit your text to a spell checker.

Another point to know: a message without spelling errors indicates that you have taken the time to write a quality text, to read it again, and that therefore you consider the interlocutor with whom you are contacting. This is a Mark of respectand the first step towards a minimally friendly relationship.

6. Not Complimenting on Physique

As a catchphrase on a dating site, useless to want to compliment a woman on her physique. A woman receives hundreds of messages complimenting her, and it is not by doing the same that you will succeed. Especially since you put her on a pedestal by complimenting her, which will not help the balance of power.

Moreover, you will focus the discussion on the physical, and if you are not the most beautiful among the 100 messages that the young lady will have received today, it may well turn against you. So, don’t argue about physique, and don’t compliment it. It’s not a good topic of conversation to seduce a woman online.

7. Stay natural & don’t tell it to yourself

Whether it is for your description, your photos, or your exchanges with women, our advice is to stay very natural, and not to try to oversell you. Women are not fooled and will notice it quickly. On the other hand, simplicity and naturalness being rare qualities on dating sites, we advise you to opt for this strategy. Show that you are a person who can take an in-depth interest in your interlocutor, and show that you seek to be in truth, and this, from the beginning of the digital relationship. Keep this advice in mind when you start a conversation with a woman.

8. Avoid sending a seduction message that is too long

We advise you to make 3 sentences maximum. Indeed, seducers lend themselves to the game of writing novels, which they copy and paste on all the desired profiles. Women don’t take the time to read it. The best is to write little, but to hit the mark directly, without procrastinating.

Writing two sentences is the assurance of being read, and this is the first objective sought. The second is to have an answer, and thus, we recommend that you end your hook with a question, so that your interlocutor feels indebted to an answer.

9. Don’t be mysterious

In terms of grip, we do not recommend that you set up the strategy of the mysterious man. That is to say the one who says very little about him, and does not try to answer the questions. In your catchphrase, we advise you to be frank about the personality you are, and about your expectations.

A woman being in high demand on a dating site, she will not seek to dig behind your mystery. Indeed, to be able to arouse a mystery, you have to wait, and unless the person has flashed on your profile picture, it’s a waste of time. Either you are able to meet her expectations, or she will quickly move on to the next suitor.

If you have other strategy to seduce a woman on a dating site, you can mention it in the comments below.

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