9 topics of conversation for pecho on Tinder

9 topics of conversation for pecho on Tinder

You are registered on a dating website ? And more particularly on Tinder ? And you lack the subject of conversation to address? Whether on theapplication or whena date in real? In short, in order to help you, here are conversation topics that interest the womenand who can help you pecho via Tinder.

9 topics of conversation for pecho on Tinder

Here are some good ones topics to discuss on Tinder, in order to arrive at to create a  » match« with the desired woman on the app.

  1. talk about music

This is the best way to create a friendship and go further with the girl. You can lighten the mood and show the girl that you’re not a stuck up or overly serious guy. Remember that girls like men who know how to entertain and distract them.

VYou can ask him, for example, the musical genre that suits him. You must have in your repertoire, a song that he likes. If your musical tastes matchit’s an opportunity to seize because you have something in common.

  1. talk about love

To flirt on Tinder, remember that women appreciate discussions that revolve around sex and flirtation. They are looking for men who dare to approach this subject, without falling into vulgarity or perversion. If you’re already a date, you can ask her questions like « how about if I ask you to come over to my house » or  » how would you react if i kiss you right now? « .

You can also raise the temperature by talking about your fantasies or the unusual things you’ve done in terms of sex. Be careful, this is only valid if you are looking for a hookup, and not a serious relationship.

  1. The sport

The purpose of the discussion is to show you off and to show that you are an interesting person. You can ask her what kind of sport she practiced as a child or does today.

But the most important thing is to impress him with your experiences, your exploits, or your victories. She would be tempted to touch you to confirm whether you are a strong and tough man. Women value virility in men. They couldn’t resist. Very quickly, the discussion could lead to sex. That’s the point.

  1. Talk about your respective childhood

The goal is to be simple and put the woman in confidence. You don’t have to bring up topics that make her uncomfortable. If the woman is a little shy or reserved, talking about flirting or sex at first is not a good idea.

The subject of childhood helps you get to know her better. It is also the way to establish a connection thanks to an exchange of anecdotes, bloopers, memorable moments. The goal is to make sure that your conquest is good with you and has fun. She will not hesitate to confide in you.

  1. Know your wildest dreams

The most important thing is that your conquest does not get bored during the conversation. She should remember you after this discussion or at night when she goes to sleep. By confronting your respective dreams, you will create a magical and imaginary moment that she is not likely to forget anytime soon.

You can use humor for more conviviality and complicity between you. The goal is for her to feel completely relaxed. If she meets another man after you, she will immediately make a difference. This is when your effort will take effect.

  1. The trip

This is the perfect subject to get to know each other by sharing lived experiences as well as anecdotes. Talking about holidays is a way to know the desires of your next companion. She may also have an idea of ​​what kind of person you are.

Are you a curious man, quest for thrills, likes to discover the world or rather solitary and not very enthusiastic for adventures. It’s a decisive moment that will speed things up or, on the contrary, slow them down. With this conversation topic, you can juggle other topics like love, food or sports.

  1. Know your hobbies and hobbies

The goal here is to show her that she interests you. You should pay close attention to everything she says. You can even push the envelope further so that she can see your interest in her. For example, if she is passionate about decoration, ask for their best accomplishments or experiences in this area.

Could she advise you to improve your interior? This might be the opportunity to attract him to your home. You will speed things up in your favor. Know how to exploit every moment or opportunity to have her in your net without her noticing of course. Always act with tact.

  1. Talk about everything and nothing, but especially about her!

Do you know what is the main topic of conversation for women when they are with each other? After gossip and gossip, they talk about everything and nothing. Everyone can say what they want, even the uninteresting things.

For the woman to be willing to reveal herself, you must not take the lead but relax completely by addressing subjects that could make her experience emotions and not feel trapped by your questions. The goal is to create an atmosphere of trust and friendliness.

9. Last tip: Quickly offer to see you physically

Don’t stay in the friendzone forever. This is the risk of talking too much via a telephone. So, offer to meet you in real life soon enough.

Don’t talk too long whether on Tinder, Meetic etc... Nothing beats a real meeting, in order to know if the person corresponds to you, and above all, in order to be able to wait for a closer relationship with your target.

Other conversation topics for Tinder

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