All you need to know to offer a “Meetic Box” Gift Card

You have friends or relative of your family who is single ? Would you like to give her a inscription and a subscription to a dating site ? Do you think that might motivate him to looking for a soul mate ?

In short, you wonder if it is possible toto offer a subscription, in particular to Meetic (or DisonsDemain, if he is over 55), which is the dating site with the most subscribers in France, with 1,200,000 visitors per month.

The Meetic Gift Card

First of all, you should know that the Meetic gift card has already existed (see image below), and which was even distributed in the FNAC in 2015. Unfortunately, between lack of commercial success and commercial agreement, this one was abandoned the same year. Since then he is no longer possible to buy a « box » with a subscription for a dating site inside. Same report for other smaller dating sites, such as DisonsDemain, EliteRencontre, Tinder, Happn or even AdopteUnMec.

Note that I also did the similar search in gift box companies, of the WonderBox or Smartbox type, and that none offer solutions to destination for singles.

meetic gift card
meetic gift card

How to offer a subscription on Meetic?

So, if you still want to offer a subscription, there is still a solution. It is to make a check to the person, with the amount of the registration and the subscription, and to indicate your wishes.

For example, a subscription ‘Basic‘ at Meetic costs 29.99€ minimum for one monthet 59.94€ for 6 months in total. You thus have how much what amount you can offer to your friends.

And voila ! All you have to do is give him valuable advice, in order to be able to flirt online, and seduce during a date.

As a reminder, the price of Meetic:

The price of meetic

For further : if you have any questions about the gift boxesyou can do it in the comments below:

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