Are there only ugly women on Meetic? To analyse

You ask yourself the question: Are there only ugly women and men on Meetic? We answer them in this article, because we have studied the question!

Are there only ugly women on Meetic? Analysis & Response

You are member of meetic and you have the impression to see only ugly women or that ugly men ? We have studied the question about the feeling you feel about women registered on Meetic, and we will try to answer it by giving 5 explanations.

1is explanation: beautiful women do not need to register

Indeed, if you are a relatively pretty woman, you are probably already picked up enough in real life not to need to register for a dating website, of the Meetic type. Indeed, Meetic est now paying for women, and know that the most beautiful ladies do not need to pay to meet a soul mate. They just have to go 24 hours on Tinder, and this, without paying, in order to find a multitude of suitors, who will probably have paid for them! And then they unsubscribe from Meetic or Tinder very quickly. This is a first explanation.

2nd explanation: women do not need to post advantageous photos.

Know that when a woman registers on Meetic, she then receives dozens of messages a day, although she hasn’t uploaded any photos to her profile yet. So imagine if she adds photos to her profile.. she gets even more. To the point that some « beautiful » women receive too many messages on Meetic, which can make them want to unsubscribe, because she can’t manage the solicitations (including guys who try to send them lots of affiliates).

3th explanation: Women who are not beautiful are still the queens on Meetic

As mentioned earlier, men are so on the lookout for Meeticand send so many messages to hundreds of different women, that the so-called « ugly » women can afford to snub them, and not to respond to the catchphrases of men, sometimes more beautiful than them. A friend of mine had registered on Meetic, and without having yet uploaded a photo, she had already received dozens of posts. And yes on the Internet women are the queens, and they know it!

4th explanation: the « ugly » are fierce because they have been fooled

Another point, ugly women are not docile because they wanted to believe in a relationship with a handsome young man, who only wanted to sleep with her, before going to another one. Thus, these women feel hurt in their relationships with men, have become very fearful and distant, which can sometimes pass for arrogance. It’s up to you to stay nice (but not too nice anyway), and show them that you want a long-term & quality relationship.

5th explanation: Meetic mainly affects CSP-

Another explanation, Meetic has a audience very strong on CSP- (the segment of the population with the lowest level of education), and who are also generally the people who take the least care of themselves, or who are more likely to gain weight. Thus, you have the impression of seeing more “fat” women on Meetic than elsewhere, which is probably one of the reasons.

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Here we have tried to answer the question: “Are there only ugly women on Meetic? » If you see other explanations, put them in the comments, the goal being to help other people who are thinking about registering. And find our list of 118 dating sites in France.

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