Dating in Brest: 7 spots for singles

Dating in Brest: 7 spots for singles

If you live in Brestin Finistère, and you want to get into a relationship, and meet a partner, in order to put an end to the loneliness of celibacy, well here are the best places to hang out to meet:

1. Via leading dating sites in Brest

The right decision to make is to register on a dating site, because that’s where single women go directly, when they have just separated from their boyfriends. Thus, you will be able to consult their profiles, and offer them to go out for a drink on a date.

Your research Recommended Apps
Serious relationship See
One night stand / hookup See
+ 55 years old See

2. Flirt in a nightclub

  • La Chamade, the nightclub

With generalist music, the La chamade nightclub can welcome you on Thursday evenings, Friday evenings, but also Saturday evenings. However, to enter this nightclub, only 300 people are accepted. You will therefore have to be careful not to arrive too late, if you hope to enter the latter.

Note also that the music playing in this nightclub is the one that everyone knows: indeed, the chamade does not want anyone to feel left out.

Address : 2 Rue Kerivin, 29200 Brest

  • The Caesar

Le César in Brest is the second most frequented nightclub! Indeed, with its rather original decor, many people like to party in this type of place. Once again, you will be able to hear electro music, but also much more commercial elements. Note also that it is a nightclub that has existed since 1987.

In other words, the latter has knew how to make generations dance, and it’s not about to stop there. Good club to flirt on the dancefloor.

Address : 9 Rue Amiral Nielly, 29200 Brest

3. Have a drink in a trendy bar

  • The Dubliners

As you must surely understand, this is an Irish bar. You will therefore be able to find many drinks that will remind you of this emblematic country of the Union Jack. Ideally located in the city center, you can taste various drinks, in a more than festive atmosphere. If you’re not used to Irish pubs, expect to be surprised. In addition, with your beer, you can easily take a charcuterie or cheese board, if you feel like it.

Address : 28 Rue Mathieu Donnart, 29200 Brest

  • Blind Piper Pub

This bar welcomes you with its atypical decoration. Indeed, you can easily drink what you want, from the menu that will be offered to you. Note also that the Blind Piper Pub is very well known in Brest. This is one of the most popular HQs today. Once again, this is a party place that is located in the city center of Brest. Do not hesitate to try it, you will certainly be delighted with the detour.

Ideal pub to invite a date for a drink. Especially if you met him on a dating website.

Address : 95 Rue de Siam, 29200 Brest

4. In a libertine evening

  • The Pink’s, libertine club

On 400 m², in a warm and above all very clean setting, there is a sauna, a fully tiled hammam, a whirlpool bath as well as a dozen small “relaxation” cabins which are locked and equipped with gel and condoms. In the bathroom and showers, hair dryers, towels, cotton, cream, etc., everything is provided.

Nevertheless, ladies, you are not necessarily accepted by this type of establishment, because rather destination des gays.

5. Landing in the parks, streets and squares of Brest

  • Eole park

As surprising as it may seem, the Parc Eole is sometimes little known to the inhabitants of Brest. Indeed, it is a secret place, but you will certainly take pleasure in going for a walk in the aisles of the latter. Some connoisseurs also enjoy jogging in this kind of park, which is rather quiet. But anyway, we are sure that you will be able to meet as many people as possible in this place! Go check it out, you might have some good surprises!

  • Rue Jean-Jaures

What will become of you without having without shopping? After all, we all need to buy new things at one time or another. And in Brest, you can easily find everything you need in rue Jean-Jaurès. Indeed, whatever the day of the week, you can do your shopping, but also sit on the terraces of the bars to sip a few cocktails.

You can do some street dockingand go talk to the singles you like physically.

  • La place Wilson

Place Wilson is known to house a bandstand. Indeed, many people enjoy sitting around when an artist decides to play. Nevertheless, it is a place surrounded by greenery: you can therefore easily walk around, get some fresh air and even rest on the green spaces! Pretty cool, don’t you think?

6. Chatting during a gym class

  • Keep Cool Brest Port

Need a fitness? Do you want to lose belly or gain mass? Keep Cool Brest Port can accompany you throughout your goals. It is also important to note that you will easily be able to meet new people within this meeting room. sport.

Sign up in group lessons, which are particularly effective for meeting new people.

7. Nightlife in Brest

For further : if you have any ideasplaces to hang out in Brest, when you are singleyou can mention it in the comments below :

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