Dating in Le Mans: 7 spots where the singles are

Dating in Le Mans: 7 spots where the singles are

If you are singlesand you live in the Sartheat Le Mans, here are the preferred places in order to to encounter other singles looking for love:

1. Le Mans dating sites

The majority of single people, and inhabitants of Le Mans, are also registered on dating sites, in order to meet singles.

Your research Recommended sites
Serious relationship See
One night stand / hookup See
+ 55 years old See

2. In a nightclub

  • the empire, the nightclub with free entry for women

Do you want to have fun? Not sure where to go in Le Mans? We can offer you L’empire. This is a box where you can easily find your happiness in terms of atmosphere and music. Note also that for women free entry until 1:30 a.m. who are waiting for you! You will therefore have all the time you need to meet new people, which is not negligible.

This nightclub is ideal for accosting women or men in the evening.

Address : THE EMPIRE – Le Mans 72000 – Place d’Alger Club

  • La suite, night-club electro

The following, is also a nightclub in Le Mans which is very famous. Indeed, many clubbers appreciate being in this type of nightclub, but also this type of atmosphere. Whether students or older people, everyone is accepted at the The following,. In terms of music, we are more on electro, house, but also commercial music. So you can easily dance, if you feel like it!

Address : 123 Avenue de la Liberation

3. In a party bar

  • Beer E Chope, the friendly bar

Beer lovers will certainly be delighted to have this type of bar in our selection! Indeed, the Bière E Chope, offers you many beers to taste. Indeed, you can easily make your choice among those which will be proposed to you. Note also that a shop exists and you can buy all the beers from this bar! Of the events are also organized so that everyone can meet.

The bar is very convivial, and you will probably be able to engage in discussion, by offering a beer to a person who will have caught your attention.

  • Mojito Royal, the bar specializing in Mojitos

Rather, they are lovers of Mojito who will be delighted! Indeed, in Le Mans, it is possible to find a bar that serves a large number of Mojitos. However, these are not the only cocktails that are offered in this bar. Indeed, the map is rather large so that everyone can easily find their way around! You can also enjoy some tapas or a charcuterie board, if you feel like it too.

Women particularly like Mojitos, and are very many gang in this bar.

4. In a libertine club

  • The Delta, the libertine club and swinger

In the Delta, it is possible to find all types of sexual orientation. Indeed, whether you are gay, bi or straight, everyone can easily find their place in it! You will have to go through the changing rooms to drop off your personal belongings, then you can jump into the deep end. An aquatic area also awaits you to have a good time alone or with others.

5. In parks and gardens

  • Garden plants

You like flowers ? Do you really want to get some fresh air? The botanical garden is waiting for you impatiently in Le Mans! Indeed, you can easily walk around, watch the wildlife around you and even sit on one of the many benches that have been installed by the city. It is also important to know that this garden is composed of two distinct parts:

  • A regular garden with a rose garden.
  • A landscaped garden where you can easily find a piece of water.

A bandstand is also present. Indeed, you can simply listen to artists playing their song… and engage in discussions with the other singles present.

  • Rue des Minimes, the shopping street

Rue des Minimes is certainly a place that you will like, if you want to spend your money on shopping. Indeed, the latter is particularly appreciated by its number of stores: clothes, shoes and accessories: you can find everything! Note also that if you simply want to buy postcards, it is also possible in this street!

This street is ideal for engage the discussion to the person who will have retained your attention. You just have to get started.

  • The Mermaid Square

The Place de la Sirene is very well known in Le Mans. Its geographical position means that it comes directly from the old Faubourg Saint-Nicolas and to get to the old Porte des Ponts-Neufs, on the Place Saint-Michel. The square was fully occupied and animated in the 19th century.e century and at the turn of the XXe century before other major thoroughfares and squares took over, such as Place de la République or Place des Jacobins.

You can go to land men or women who lazy along this place.

6. In gyms

  • Moving Le Mans harbor rooms

This network has 2 gyms in the city of Le Mans, and is an undisputed place to be able to meet people. It is possible to sign up for group lessons, or simply to play sports individually, and why not, accost a man or a woman, who plays sports next to you. Indeed, this gym is very friendly.

7. La night life au Mans

If you have any other ideas about locations or meet others singles on Le Mans, you can indicate them in the comments below:

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