Dating in Villeurbanne: 7 places where singles are

Dating in Villeurbanne: 7 places where singles are

If you are singlesand that you live in Villeurbanne, here are the places where you will have the most luck to meet people, if you push destiny, and go to meet people:

1. On Villeurbannais dating sites

The majority of singles’ profiles are present on dating apps, such as Tinder or Happn, in order to find a soul mate. Here are my recommendations:

Your research Recommended websites
Serious relationship See
One night stand / hookup See
+ 55 years old See

2. In a nightclub

  • The restaurant Club Avenue 45

Very close to Lyon, Villeurbanne is a city that also has its share of surprises. You can therefore easily meet people in one of the many clubs in the city. And for good reason, Avenue 45 is definitely the GQ you should have! Indeed, the atmosphere is rather good and the waiters are very nice! Add to that that the music is commercial and that theme evenings can be organized: you will have an explosive cocktail.

The possibility of going to dance parties, where many single women and men are present there. Of the flirt to do on the dance floor.

Address : 45 Av. Albert Einstein, 69100 Villeurbanne

  • Le Lydo, the nightclub in Villeurbanne

To spend a real evening, the Lydo is one of the key places in Villeurbanne. Although it is much less known to Lyonnais, it is a place where you can easily dance and party as you see fit. Needless to say that a drink is offered as soon as you enter this place. So you can easily have fun with peace of mind. Note also that this box is not far from the city center of Villeurbanne.

Note also that group dance lessons are offered on Saturdays. Ideal for dancing with new people.

Address : 14 Boulevard Eugène Réguillon, 69100 Villeurbanne

3. In bars

  • Le Florian bar

Do you want to time travel? The Le Florian bar offers you a whole range of things that will please you: indeed, you can easily take a table with friends both on the terrace and inside and choose what you want to drink. Take the time to look at the different decorations around you! In no time, you will be immersed in a very different atmosphere. The music in the background will also have its small effect.

You can invite you for a drink to the person who catches your attention, and it could start a conversation.

Address : 4 Pl. de la Baleine, 69005 Lyon

  • The oxxo Pub for its afterwork between celib

An afterwork between colleagues? A crazy evening with friends? This is the promise made to you by the Oxxo Pub. Indeed, you will find yourself in a particularly festive atmosphere. Remember to take the drinks that suit you best. Note also that you can easily snack on the spot, if you are a little hungry. It is also a cocktail bar, which does happy hours. Discounts await you!

An afterwork is a good solution for meet new people, because people are pretty relaxed there.

Address: 1 avenue Albert Einstein, 69100 Villeurbanne

4. In a libertine evening

  • The Velvet Club, the libertine club near Villeurbanne

Do you have naughty desires? Need new meetings? The Velvet Club is here to welcome you. Indeed, it is perfectly possible to choose your ideal outfit for the club. Once through the locker room, you just have to follow the movement, to find yourself inside this awkward-looking club. Note also that a shop is on the ground floor, if you want to go further in your naughty games.

You may encounter women in a libertine club. The entrance is there free for these.

5. In parks and gardens

  • Feyssine park

Rather large, you have 45 hectares to explore. Indeed, you can perfectly walk around on foot as well as by bike. In addition, to take your dog for a walk, it is certainly the ideal park. You won’t get much to see, though. Nevertheless, it is an EVE rated park. It has 8000 trees and 47 species of birds have been identified. With a little luck, you will be able to see these.

A park is suitable for street docking, because the women who walk there have more open minds than the women who are in town.

  • Avenue Henri Barbusse

Do you need a garment? To do your shopping? Or just go to the bank? Avenue Henri Barbusse is definitely the place you are looking for in Villeurbanne. It is also important to note that you can easily meet people in the Skyscraper district. Indeed, it is a famous place for Villeurbanne.

It is thus necessary to take advantage of it to make street docking, and go approach the women or men you like there.

  • Place du Lazar Goujont

Place du Lazar Goujont is well known in Villeurbanne. However, few people know his name. Indeed, it is quite simply the place which is located in front of the town hall of Villeurbanne. It is composed of various fountains so that you can refresh yourself. In the same way, it is possible to sit on benches, to get some fresh air.

6. In the gym

  • The fitness apartment

The most famous room in Villeurbanne is none other than the Fitness apartment. And for good reason, this is where the parent company is located! In the latter, you can benefit from an aquatic area which is rather pleasant: swimming pool, aquatic activities, but also sauna and hammam are at your disposal!

Take advantage of team sports in this gym, in order to talk to other members, and try to seduce the people you are interested in.

7. Night life in Villeurbanne

If you have dother places to recommend in Villeurbanne for singles, you can mention in the comments below:

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