Enlarge the size of your penis via 7 video tutorials

How to enlarge the size of your penis, via 7 video tutorials?

If you find that your sex is too small in sizehere are videos to learn how to increase the size of his penis.

👉 Also, you can consult this training on the webwith a detailed methodology to gain a few cm.

  1. Video 1: Tip to enlarge your penis in 1 month

Before talking about the technique, it is important to first know the anatomy of the penis. In fact, the male sex is formed of a spongy body and another cavernous body. These consist mainly of muscles and they are responsible for theerection.

The technique is very simple. We seek to increase the rush of blood in sex to make it grow both in length and in width. More concretely, we will muscle the penis as much as possible in order to attract the sang.

The first thing to do is to form a ring with your thumb and forefinger. Thereafter, firmly hold the base of the penis while slowly moving the fingers towards the head of the penis. The 2th exercise consists of contract the muscles of the perineum. It is advisable to perform it when the bladder is full.

For the next exercise, the goal is to make up and down the penis without touching it with your hands. It’s a real work of bodybuilding.

Last fiscal year : you will make circular movements with your penis from left to right, then in the opposite direction. Repeat the exercise three times.

You have on average 10 to 15 minutes to do the weight training session.

With a frequency 3 times a week, the results should appear after one month.

  1. Video 2: How to enlarge your penis?

As in the previous case, the goal is to make work the muscles of the penis. Called penile gymnastics, the exercise will be done this time when the penis is at rest. Pull the penis down for about 3 minutes. Perform the same movement, but to the left side then to the right. It is important to specify that the exercise is quite painful. You will have to suffer.

Pills containing ginseng, arginine and piperine can also help you gain up to 3 cm in length in 3 months. That is, 1 cm per month. The role of the drug is to promote blood supply.

Since 1917, an Austrian engineer has designed the penis pump which consists of wrestling against the troubles erection. You can use this device to lengthen your penis by a few centimeters. The effectiveness of these methods is not 100% guaranteed.

THowever, when the situation is desperate, it costs nothing to try. hormone therapy seems to be the most effective way. Only, it should be done from adolescence.

  1. Video 3: Lengthening the penis by surgery

Several solutions are offered by professionals or not in order to develop the penis. There are pills, special creams or physical exercise sessions to further strengthen the male sex.

However, some prefer to invest in plastic surgery in order to obtain quick and effective results. Penoplasty is performed by cutting the ligaments located at the base of the penis. We can gain 3 to 4 cm.

The price is not within everyone’s reach because it takes an average of €5,000.

Moreover, only men with micro penis usually resulting from a hormonal abnormality will benefit.

  1. Video 4: Grandma’s recipe for doubling the size and thickness of the penis

Women who love hot adventures and thrills can’t resist a big penis. Even though the satisfaction au lit does not necessarily depend on the size of the device used, it can be said without any hesitation that the performance is incomparable.

Unfortunately, it is not given to everyone to have a large caliber penis. To look good and impress girls, we always prefer to have sex of a better size.

To enlarge your penis, it is not essential to use chemicals. A tomato and toothpaste would do the trick.

Simply apply a toothpaste extract to the inside of the tomato. Then, it is used to coat the erect penis.

Nothing is 100% guaranteed, but it’s worth a try. It’s a grandma’s recipe 😉

  1. Video 5: The penis extender to gain a few more centimeters

The solution is a bit drastic, but as they say, the end justifies the means. We will have to take the bull by its horns if we want tangible results.

The role of the device is to tug on your penis to make it gain inches. More concretely, it will act directly on the muscle fibers of the penis.

Only, you will have to wear it daily under the pants. Since it is very discreet, we would not notice it. However, you will have to be patient, because the visible results do not appear only after 6 months. This natural solution is an alternative to surgery which is quite expensive as well as chemical products whose side effects are not negligible.

Please note that the two video proposals below are not supported by any scientific study:

  • Video 6: The problem may be psychological

Finally, it can also be a more psychological problem, than the size of your penis itself. I advise you to watch this video:

It is important to ask yourself, if you really have a smaller penis than average, and that if your problem is not more than a psychological spring.

For further : if you have any advice to share, you can do so below, in the comments:

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