Flirting with a letter when you’re shy

If you are shy and clumsy towards women, the way, the most beneficial method to achieve your ends is to arm yourself with patience. Don’t even think of doing like the others who are naturally confident. Therefore no need to approach girls or make declarations of love on the street corner or sing him a serenade. All of this can be done, once she says yes to you and agrees that you go out together.

You should work your approach techniquesbecause in general, it is very difficult to express yourself correctly or even to go to the person you like, or even impossible when the person concerned does not seem to be too much accessible. For this, the ideal is to have a technique simple and effective that will help you get satisfaction every time.

In order to do it, you have the possibility to do it in him writing a letter recounting your feelings for her, or do like many people today and write to her through a social network. For this, of course, it would be necessary to be able to find his name and surname. Once you have it, and you’ve become friends on the social network, write to him so friendly and friendly without being abrupt, unpleasant or worse vulgar.

She won’t answer you anymore and you will have wasted your chance. Give the maximum of yourself, to put her at ease, so that she appreciates you and that she confides, so that you learn as much as you can about her life in general, then her situation. in love, but above all by operating with tact. This step is very important and it don’t everything else, you have to do everything to make her feel confident and let go.

Of course, it’s better to give her compliments at times, so that she doesn’t put you in the wrong. friendzone. At the same time, give her time to get to know you, to like you before telling her about your attraction or feelings for her. If she is not on social networks and she lives near you, then it will be easy for you to have what you need to send her your letter.

When you want to write this one, put theaccent that you are not mentally ill or psychopath just a simple guy respectable and who would like to know her very much and that she has nothing to fear. Ask him to meet you at a café or restaurant. The choice of a public place would greatly reassure her. In the same way, if she accepts you will know that she is single.

Finally, avoid having recourse to amis, unless you have complete confidence in your friends. If one of them knows it well, he can make your job a lot easier. Thanks to the good words he will say about you, you will just have to be yourself and put everything in place for the conquer.

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