Fruitz: Complete App Guide

Fruitz is a dating app on line free and affecting all types of romantic encounters. The main objective of lovers of dating sites is to find the ideal person with the same desires. You can’t count the number of times you’ve bumped into people who don’t have the same intentions as you when swiping right.

Today, Fruitz puts an end to your headaches and allows you to narrow down your searches in the dating site. That said, you will have for the sequel, a guide complet to use the Fruitz application peacefully without any problem.

In short, here is the complete user guide of the FRUITZ app

How Fruitz works

Not everyone is the same. We each look for different things on a dating app. It can be a serious relationship, a glass of wine on the terrace, an ephemeral meeting for an evening or even a desire never satisfied. It is often very difficult to say it directly with words. That’s why Fruitz opted for fruit. A way for you to get straight to the point without wasting time like in other online dating sites.

In fact, each fruit represents your desire of the moment. In the smallest details, it is about:

  • Strawberries: to find your half
  • Grapes: for a glass of wine without taking the bunch
  • Watermelon: for recurring seedless hugs
  • Fishing: for a desire to fish with you

So all you have to do is run theapplication Fruitz, after having chosen your fruit, to discover that of the people around you. But above all, we will have to tell you about registration in general.

How to manage your registration on Fruitz?

First of all, theapplication Fruitz is downloadable from Play Store or App Store for iPhone lovers. Once the installation is complete, you must log in and register. It should be noted that you can do this directly with a Facebook account. But it is not compulsory.

Then, the first rule will be to select a fruit that meets your desires as mentioned above. It is now necessary that we explain to you in detail the meaning of each fruit.

In reality, when it comes to fruits, we can say:

  • The fruit cerise is for those who are looking for the serious (to meet his soul mate).
  • The raisin it’s to meet with feeling without expecting something in particular. This allows many people not to commit too much to serious relationships.
  • The fruit of the watermelon it’s to have sex regularly as a friend. It is generally called sexfriend in the Anglo-Saxon world. There are not so many choices towards watermelon because this fruit can directly differentiate you from other people. But it’s better not to lie.
  • The fruit of the sin it’s just to nab the time of an evening. It is commonly called the « one night stand ».

Finally, you can modify the chosen fruits as much as you want. The application offers you the choice of fruits each day. As a result, you can change your mood according to your desires of the day.

How to manage the first exchanges on Fruitz?

Fruitz is too special an application. She makes sure you find the first catchphrase. No need to rack your brains thinking about the basic approaches.

At the beginning of the relationship with a person, you need to make your choice from the proposed questions. It is also possible to choose an answer sentence. The girl in turn can answer directly without any problem. Right after, you will have the right to chat. As a result, even if the answers are no longer the same, the conversation can begin freely between you.

Other features of the Fruitz app

Don’t think we’re done with the features of the Fruitz app. There are so many of them and other applications include:

  • Discoveries :

This is an option that allows you to have an idea of ​​the fruits chosen by other users of the application. Girls can discover unlimited profiles that interest them while male profiles can only do so every 12 hours.

  • Smoothie :

It represents the common interest of two users who have placed their like respectively on the two profiles.

  • Passe :

This option in cross symbol allows to blacklist an undesirable profile.

  • Like :

It is heart-shaped and helps to show interest in a profile.

  • Crushnote :

This option allows you to write a targeted user on your profile page. Your message will be visible only to this person.

  • Pollen :

It is a paid option. So you need a subscription to use it. This option triggers a targeted and geolocated event.

  • Juicy question:

This style of questions triggers after a match.

  • Chat messages:

It should be noted that the use of the « chat » option is only available for users with smoothie. This makes it possible to exchange messages in an unlimited way.

Choose the best subscription on Fruitz

The subscription Fruitz Premium is available from €10.99 for a period of one month. Two other subscription formulas of 6 months and 12 months are also available. The subscription Fruitz Golden is available from €25.99 for a period of one month. Two other 3-month and lifetime subscription plans are also available. Prices, in euros, may vary by country and are subject to change without notice.

The possibility of using the app for free is not excluded. But for more advantages, you have to buy a subscription according to your desires. The application itself is special and offers numbers discovered every day. Thus, meeting the person you want becomes child’s play.

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