Getting out of the friend-zone with a woman in 16 tips

Getting out of the friend-zone with a woman in 16 tips

Here are the best tips for getting out of the friend-zone with a woman:

  1. See if there’s a ray of hope

Know above all that it is a difficult mission, almost impossible. However, if you really feel something for the girl, it is worth trying. In order not to waste your time or to hope for what is inaccessible, first of all see if there is a possibility for you to enter the love zone of the girl. If the chances seem slim to you, give up immediately.

  1. Determine if you have a chance of getting out

Certain reactions and behaviors of the woman towards you clearly show whether she can one day become your lover. For example, she is always available for you, she calls you often, she spends all her time by your side, this indicates that you have every chance of winning her over.

  1. Know the bad signs

A woman who dresses in a sloppy way during your appointments, does not give you any particular importance. She doesn’t respect you. Do not waste time seducing her, because it is doomed to failure. If moreover, she considers you as a brother, don’t have any illusions anymore.

  1. If necessary, take your distance

No longer be available to her all the time. She should see that you are trying to avoid her. For example, do not answer his text message until a few hours later, do not take his calls from time to time.

  1. Change your habits and your associations

Previously, she knew you like the back of her hand. Currently, it’s time to change your company, do new activities, go out with people she doesn’t know. The goal is to arouse his curiosity. She shouldn’t recognize you anymore.

  1. You will no longer be his confidant

To get out of the friend zone quickly, she would have to notice a change in your behavior. When she shares information or secrets with you, change the subject. Show that you are no longer interested in anything related to her.

  1. Silence radio

You have to slip away for a while, to sow doubt in his mind. During this time, all contact with her should be cut off. The goal of the process is to make her forget your friendship. At the very least, it would increase her desire to see you.

  1. Change looks and priorities

It’s time to get rid of everything that has anything to do with your life for good. The change of look is the best way to achieve this. For example, you can become a womanizer or grow a beard. You can also set yourself other interests such as sports or hiking.

  1. Sexualize your relationship

Use up all your ammunition when it comes to seduction. She should have her eyes full to grasp what you want from her. Do not hesitate to compliment her on her physique, her charm. Do everything in your power so that she no longer considers you an ordinary friend.

  • 10. Physical contact is very important

If you don’t manage to take this step, you are not likely to leave the friend-zone. Kiss her, touch her hand, touch her shoulders, caress her face, put your hands in her hair when you talk to her. If you don’t see any resistance from him, you’re on the right track.

  • 11. Hold her gaze

The look speaks a lot when it comes to seduction. She should understand the message you are trying to convey without too much difficulty. Encourage her to speak openly. On your side, play the mysterious.

  • 12. Make her jealous

Flirt with other women and let her know. If she has shown resistance to your advances, she may reconsider her stance on you. It would be a very effective way to show her that you are a good shot. Also try to become an alpha male, she all likes that.

  • 13. Prioritize romantic evenings

The evenings you spend together should be a way for you to flirt with her. Invite her as often as possible for a one-on-one evening or a candlelight dinner. Avoid going out to crowded places. She should sense the change that is taking place in your relationship.

  • 14. Never discuss topics about his old friends.

Getting out of the friend-zone requires a lot of tact. If you’re on the right track, don’t ruin it by talking about his buddies. You will have to focus the conversation on the future of your relationship. You can tell him about your plans by including him in each one.

  • 15. Cut the Bridge

It’s a pretty drastic method, but can be useful if you find the mission difficult or your luck is slim. When she realizes that you will no longer be part of her life, she might look at you differently and try the adventure with you.

  • 16. Admit your feelings

The last step is to tell her how you feel about her. Let him know that you are no longer interested in his friendship. On the other hand, she can bring you happiness by becoming your girlfriend and the woman of your life. She should understand that a refusal on her part could put an end to all your relations.

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