How do I know if a man is thinking of me? 7 Tips

You have recently do a date with a young man? Where you are in love in secret from one homme ? Or at the very beginning of relation ? And you would like to know if its feelings are mutual? And detect if think to you when you are not not with his ? Know that there are some techniques in order to elicit the lackbut above all to identify if he thinks of you secretly, in order to consider a more sentimental and lasting relationship. Anyway, here are my 7 tips (of a man) in order to answer the question  » How do I know if a man is thinking of me ? ».

How do I know if a man is thinking of me? 7 Tips for Women

How do you know if this man think of you, if you aime, if he is sincere with you? Ladies, the first thing you need to know is that a man will only make an effort if he has want to do them and that he likes to be with you. When a man calls you, sends you the messages and offers you appointment, is that he « loves » you unconsciously and that he thinks always yours.

  • Tip 1: Look at his actions

Men get very involved at the beginning of the relationship because they want to seduce et conquer wife. You have to watch his deeds and his behaviour with you. If he acts positively, you are in his head, and maybe even in his heart ! Take the necessary time to analyze his behaviour verbal and non-verbal.

  • Tip 2: Keeping a distance

If the man realizes no initiativeyou must avoid him to write and from him talk ! You wonder why ? So that you can analyze the situation and its evolution. To have a clear idea if the man is capable of much more investment. Indeed, a man who thinks of you will showinvestment. You have to know how to cultivate secrecy and distanceso that it wants to revive you by itself.

  • Tip 3: Analyze your behavior

Always remember that a man in love is a man invest. If he man really thinks of you, he will try, with all means, to get you seduce and conquer you. One of the behaviors of a man who thinks of a woman is that he always tries to pay attention to her needsses Goalsses cravings, in short, a man who is really interested in her! See if he asks you questions questions when you’re together, and if it’sinterested really how you feel.

  • Tip 4: Put distance to be desired

If you want to know if the man is interested in you and thinks of you often, get away from him during a period. We advise you to impose certain rules and to have the courage to say no to him when he wishes to meet you at the beginning of your relation. If he insists and does not stop you to call and to contact you is that he thinks about you all day and wants to spend as much time as possible with you. This technique is also effective for seduce the man. And especially, take a few hours before responding to his text messages.

  • Tip 5: Use social media!

Don’t always do the first not and don’t be the one who always takes the initiatives. If you just met the guy, you should trick him into sending you a friend request on social media like Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram. Take advantage of the power these communication tools to highlight your daily life, your habitsyour lifestyle and the activities that you love to do alone. The man will think of you and want to be part of your daily. He will never stop thinking about you and will take the initiative to send you messages. In this case, be sure that you have successfully created a lack home and think of you all day!

  • Tip 6: Analyze his messages

A man who thinks of a woman does not satisfied never to send him messages short. He is very attentive and always tries to know a little more about her. If the man takes it to heart to answer correctly and to chat with you for hours, it’s because he often thinks of you and tries to find out a little more about your privacyyour habits, your old relationships etc… If it is jealousit is rather a positive point.

  • Tip 7: Analyze his personality and his daily life

The man you just to encounter is it always too much busy by his work? Does he suggest that you make activities together (walk, evenings, restaurant, hike…)? Is it attentive and that he always tries to show off by telling you about his daily life? If so, then it is interested by you and therefore that he thinks of you at all times.

For further : if you have some questions or some Remarksyou can do it in the comments, and I will be happy to answer it.

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