How to distance yourself to react?

Article : How to distance yourself to make a man / a woman react?

If you are in reconquest in love, that you plan to get your ex back, then this article is for you? Forget the lame advice and other nonsense you might find in some texts of the kind. Those who are seen, reviewed, and especially deja vu!

Here we will give you tips concrete from the experience of love coaches to help you find the man or woman you love. To do this, there is an excellent way to achieve your goals: take your distances with the loved one. Here is the instructions for use in the rest of this article.

Moving away without cutting ties with your ex

S’remove doesn’t mean cutting ties with your ex-boyfriend, ex-wife… On the contrary, it’s a matter of skillfully measuring communication to bring the desired being back into your world.

Let’s take a example, tonight you are going to the cinema. Rather than sending a message to the person of your heart by telling him tonight I’m going to the cinema, do you want to come? Instead, show him a picture of the movie you’re going to see.

In short, do not be insistent or heavy. Show subtlety, mischief, and hide your game of seduction. The goal is to bring back the desire. After that insidious little cinema photo sent to your ex, he or she may end up answer “So it was indeed the last film of x (don’t go to see a certain category of films there, but a simple reference of anonymity).

Set up heavy radio silence in the life of your former companion

This technique should be used sparingly. Concretely, it is not a question of sending a message saying that you are going to the cinema, that life is beautiful… To end up disappearing in nature for 6 months.

In this case, you would lose definitively contact with your ex. And that’s not what we want! Rather, you have to simmer the person you have in mind. This means that once you have had this first exchange, you let about 3-4 days pass.

If your ex still has a minimum of desire for you, then he or she will send you a message.

What to answer to this sms burning with a desire still buried in the bowels of your ex partner? It all depends on the content you received!

For example, your ex says to you “how are you today? « You can answer him in great shape, I signed up for a salsa class, it’s great! »

And bim, you leave him / her with the void that begins to open under his feet. Of course, the example is to be adapted according to your tastes, and according to whether you are a man or a woman.

If you are a man who is going to do salsa, it’s a safe bet that your ex-partner will guess that you are in the presence of women. His signals will then go on alert “There is danger, I will lose my ex!”. And it’s a safe bet that the person in question will have to react with a new exchange.

Again, you have no obligation to respond immediately. It is even a mistake. You’re in charge, you’re in control! By doing so, you keep the flame of desire alive.

Be careful, however, do not tell him verbatim that you are with another woman/man. In this case, you would send the signal that you are not available to your ex. And that’s obviously not what we’re looking for!

Seeing your ex again, a good idea?

As the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot. As soon as you have maintained this alternation of radio silence/contact by sms, you will have to take things head on.

Who should send the proposition to meet again? You or your ex? If it’s your ex partner who sends you the hot potato first, you win! You have nothing to do except accept his proposal to meet again under more clement skies than in the past.

Otherwise, we suggest that you choose a place not too far from your ex’s place, so that he or she can easily reach you after work. It is also necessary that the activity that you propose to him suits him.

What shouldn’t be difficile, because you lived together, a priori! So you know its tastes and colors. A word of caution, however, before rushing headlong to see your ex-partner again, even for a simple outing.

Sometimes you have to let the time to time, and think carefully before proposing anything. Also, make sure your ex is free. No one wants to have their portrait demolished by their ex-wife’s husband!

This adage is also valid for separated gay couples. Before reigniting your relationship, make sure everyone is on the same page.

And then what do we do?

The suite, it’s up to you to give it the direction you want. Above all, we must avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. If you separated, it was because there was a raison ! Today, you have to show him that you are a new woman, or a new man. This is how the phoenix of your couple will rise from its ashes!

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