How to excite a man?  (9 tips)

How to excite a man? (9 tips)

If you want warm up your future boyfriend, vhere are my 9 tips to to manage to excite a man:

  1. Adopt a sexy attitude

Men are very visual. Above all, the power of sexy outfits for men should never be overlooked. For example, you can opt for tight pants that would highlight your shape or a dress with a neckline. The effect will be instantaneous. To top it all off, you’ll add caresses with a steady gaze in her direction. This technique is perfect during a dinner at the restaurant. Also, don’t forget to whisper naughty words to him. This will increase his excitement. He will have difficulty holding himself back.

  1. The jeux erotic roles

In the life of a couple, it is sometimes necessary to indulge in unusual sexual experiences to get out of the usual routine. Note that men greatly appreciate erotic role-playing games. You go take advantage of this moment to satisfy his fantasies. For example, if he’s the kind of man who prefers to dominate in bed, the game should be geared that way. It is the same if he places himself in the place of a submissive. In this case, you will play the mistress who will punish the student.

  1. Choose sex toys

Men appreciate creative women who know how to surprise them. If you want to heat your man more, do not hesitate to vary the positions, find unusual places and try to diversify the methods used. Note that the sex toys are not just for women, but you can also excite men with this kind of gadget. The purpose of this technique is to change habits a little to offer the man a better orgasm. You can try, for example, anal penetration using a dildo.

  1. The masturbation feminine excites them

Go gradually to create the best excitement in your man. Do you know that they enjoy watching a woman masturbate? To achieve the desired result, let him observe you quietly while you’re doing your show. Dressed in an extra-light outfit, you will do a brief striptease, just to excite him. Afterwards, you will raise the temperature with a live masturbation session. When his excitement is at its peak, you can finally approach him.

  1. Stimulate their G-spot

In women, the equivalent is the G-spot. The stimulation of this point gives men indescribable pleasure. This G-spot is located more exactly inside the rectum. It separates the body from the penis to the anus. During let your finger penetrate the man, the other hand is responsible for offering the man a divine fellatio. His excitement will be extreme. Your man is not likely to forget this magical experience immediately. Of course, it is strongly recommended to use a lubricant to facilitate penetration.

  1. Put the man in confidence

It’s all in the foreplay. In many cases, women remain inert and unresponsive during the caress. Even if the man often lacks skill in this area, it is always necessary to be reactive to excite him and encourage him to do even better. The goal is to give him confidence so that he fully invests in it and does not doubt his skills. Some women even make simulations during the sexual act in order to quickly increase the excitement of the man.

  1. Do not hesitate to take the initiative

This is usually a role assigned to men. However, they are never against a good initiative of women in bed. It is a very effective way to vary a little the sexual practices in a couple. Moreover, it allows the man to appreciate the level of motivation of the woman. To excite a man for sure, dare to take matters into your own hands. If you are not yet in bed but in a public place, your sensual and complicit smile should also provoke the expected effect in the man.

  1. Go texting without hesitation

Physical contact isn’t the only way to turn a man on. With a simple text message, we can also do wonders. The advantage of this technique is that in addition to heating it, you will bring him enough adrenaline to face the whole day with fervor. Coming home in the evening or at noon, he will be ready to act immediately.

  1. Try them unusual places

Most of the problems encountered by couples are the result of a sexual problem. Mr or Mrs can no longer get off because of the routine. Always the same positions, the same place to make love. Everything has become too automatic, no spontaneity. The choice of places could radically change the sensations. You can opt for the kitchen, in the bathroom or in a public place like in a dressing room, a cinema room. The choice is vast.

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