How to find a woman to deflower?

If you’re here with us, it’s because you want to find the woman of your dreams and finally become a man! In this article we will give you a maximum of tricks and tips as the cants say in order to maximize your chances of success, and manage to find a woman to bring down your virginity. And that’s good because everything is going digital. As a result, you are no longer required to be present physicallyif you combine our advice and give yourself the means to to succeed there is no reason for you to fail.

Come on enough chatter, first advice to find a woman, in order to be deflowered

First, ask yourself if you are an introvert or an extrovert.

From the moment you engage socially whether in the field of seduction or even in the professional environment, determine in which category you find yourself. In general, you will have more difficulty being an introverted person than an extroverted person. Before moving on to the next tips, really take the time to answer them as sincerely as possible!

1. Force yourself to be more social

In order to achieve your goal, it is imperative to get out of your comfort zone, if you do not go out often force yourself to go out more often. If you don’t talk often to those around you, force yourself to take the lead and start a discussion with strangers, whether to ask for information or other, it will help you boost your self-confidence and therefore be more confident with women. !

2. But what if I’m an extroverted person?

Do not believe that extrovert people are immune, because there are many factors that can affect you, you may be surprised by an answer that you did not necessarily expect. But this problem can be corrected by working on your repartee, the more confidence you have in yourself, the better your repartee will be. We all have something we can improve on, no matter what.

Now that you are fixed on your « personality type » we can move on.

3. Ask your friends for help

The simplest method is to ask your friends, family or work colleague if they know single women who are in the same situation as you today, try to participate in parties or dinners, if your entourage have found you a woman ask them to set you up on a date and most importantly be open! Don’t have too strict criteria because this way you reduce your chances of finding one!

4. Join dating sites.

As I told you in the introduction to this article, the world is going digital, so you are not limited by distance. Of the dating website like meetic, tinder are dating sites/applications that are easy to use. On this kind of sites / applications your profile picture must be neat, have a neat outfit, smile.

Avoid lying if a woman is interested in your profile and you are chatting by message because the day you see each other, the woman with whom you have discussed at length may be disappointed. Conclusion don’t lie whether it’s about your physique or anything else!

5. You’re not really into a dating site?

Nightclub, bar, restaurants, in the street or even in your workplace you are likely to find the woman of your dreams but the efforts required will be more significant because you are face to face if we take the example of your workplace you have different positive points such as the fact that you work in the same place so you have a common point you work in the same sector of activity

6. Find social activities

If you have found a new passion that inspires you and you decide to take lessons to deepen your knowledge, you will inevitably meet people and as mentioned above, your entourage is there for the same reason as you! You will therefore have a common point and therefore a subject of conversation already ready.

7. Take care of your image

Your appearance is the first thing that those around you will see, therefore, try to take care of your image as much as possible! An image of a person who takes care of him and therefore serious. Whether it’s your style of dress, your way of speaking (not sustained or familiar either), or your posture (trying to be a gentleman) these are all small details that can make a difference!

8. Be patient and give up

If you are not patient with yourself you will not be able to be patient with someone, in this case a woman. No matter your charisma, your physique, your attitude, you won’t be able to please all the women around you, which is why you have to be patient!

9. Learn as much as possible about women

If you rush headlong you won’t get anywhere… But how can you get to know them better? First of all, you have to have the will to understand them, try to spend more time with them, appreciate their presence, and you will see their points of view/vision of the world. It’s very simple advice but that many forget these days…

10. Listen to them and above all show empathy.

To make friends, listening to what others have to say and being able to put yourself in their shoes is important, but if you want to conquer a woman, it is essential to listen to them and be able to put yourself in their shoes, it will show them that you care. to her ! And then if you continue they will trust you more! Why is it so important to be empathetic will you tell me?

Because today the man does not need to be virile any more quite on the contrary the “criteria” of selections are more centered on what you have on the heart.

11. You must be NATURAL.

If you are not natural whether it is a man or a woman, it will be seen that it is not your real face, and no woman will want to deflower you. Whether it’s your dress, the way you express yourself, etc.

Do not try to be perfect at all levels it is not possible. Try to assume your faults as much as possible, enhance your qualities without having an arrogant or superior tone, which are extremely frowned upon faults whether in the professional world or in the world of seduction!

12. Have a sense of humor and learn to preserve mystery

Whether in the professional world or in the world of seduction, humor and a mysterious side are very big assets that you can easily acquire. Everyone has the ability to make others laugh, take the example of your friends or your family. If you manage to make them laugh, you will know how to make a stranger laugh, but try not to use « dark humour », you will scare her away immediately (and bye bye deflowering).

And what will it bring you to have a mysterious side will you tell me? Think for a moment what does a mysterious side bring to others? And yes, curiosity if you don’t tell all the details of your life on the first date and she likes you, she will necessarily want to know more and the discussions can continue without a hitch! Whether it’s humor or your mysterious side, don’t go overboard, that is to say, don’t be too humorous and don’t be too mysterious either, it could ruin everything.

In the end on deflowering

Now that you know all this, there’s no reason you can’t conquer the woman of your dreams that you met on the street, in a bar, on the internet or in a nightclub. All our advice has been verified and has been applied for ages, the one and only condition is that you pass the course and finally get out of your comfort zone.

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