How to flirt with a woman? 15 tips from a PRO

You are single ? You spotted a femme that you plait ? So you would like to know how l’to land ? What questions ask him? And above all, how charmer and the hit on; trying to seduceso that she wants to go out with you ? In order to answer this question, and help you flirt with women, I asked friends to help me write this article. So here are my 15 tips for flirting with a woman.

How to flirt with a woman? 15 tips from a PRO

Here is 15 tips to know, in order to better address a femme and flirt with her, wherever you are.

  1. The smile is essential

When you approach a woman you like, know that the smile plays a crucial role. You will have to forget all your worries if you want to succeed. However, you have to know how to distinguish a friendly smile from a furious or psychopathic smile. Be aware that no woman can resist an affectionate and charming smile. Just take care to brush your teeth well so as not to compromise anything.

  1. Be humorous

Women love funny men who know how to make them laugh and amuse them. No matter your personality, you’ll have to leave the too serious side in your drawer. Women love jokes and humor without going overboard. It takes a fair measure so that it is connected during the whole flirt. Be funny, fun, cool. The main thing is to entertain your target and make them feel comfortable during your company.

  1. Trust yourself

Take the beast by the horns. It’s the best word to describe the behavior to have in front of a girl you care about. It’s like poker, double or quits. Without risk, do not expect anything concrete. Have you ever bet on horse racing? You never know what might happen on the track. Arm yourself with courage with a good dose of risk.

  1. Have a sense of timing

When should we talk about sex? Kiss her or put your fingers in her hair? There is no ready-made formula for flirting with the woman of your dreams. You are the only master on board. The reaction should be spontaneous according to the evolution of the conversation while taking into account the reaction or the behavior of the woman when you approach certain delicate subjects. It’s a matter of practice and experience.

  1. Know how to listen to your conquest

Listening is very important during a flirt plan. First, it is a sign of respect and attention towards the person you are talking to. Then it is the best way to know and understand what the woman really wants or appreciates. This way you will know what to expect. By listening, you can analyze, interpret his gestures and filter useful information for the rest of the conversation.

  1. Flirt on Facebook

Many men meet their soul mates on social media. Some have already met elsewhere but the rest is often done on facebook. You will have to be tactful so as not to head straight for disaster. Funny jokes and appreciations are always welcome. The golden rule is not to pressurize in order to have validation or acceptance. You will always be entitled to other test shots. Be patient and know that the goal is to get another date.

  1. Look her straight in the eye

This is very important to create a climate of trust and to show your interest in him. It is also the way to show your emotions and feelings. Remember that a shifty look can be interpreted as a lack of honesty or seriousness. You risk casting doubt and jeopardizing your flirting plan.

  1. Make her understand that you want more than just friendship

Everything should be clear from the start in order to avoid possible disappointment. You can express it in different ways: a more daring joke, compliments, a knowing look or even touching it according to certain measures so as not to border on harassment. The woman should see clearly through your behavior what you expect of her.

  1. Don’t show that you need her

Some men get caught up in showing the woman that they couldn’t live without her. It would be an opportunity for the woman to play with feelings. Instead, act by adopting the James Bond 007 style. Show that you like it while letting it appear that it is not essential. They would definitely crack.

10. Lead the dance

Women appreciate enterprising men. In any case, it is your role as a father to take the reins and to have the makings of a leader. Don’t expect the woman to make decisions for you, such as what to do together, where to meet next, or how to exchange contacts. Women like men who are very virile and dynamic.

  1. Relax and speak slowly

Men who know how to express their feelings never fail. Remember that by speaking too quickly, your interlocutor may not follow you. Moreover, it is the typical behavior of a person who is stressed or lacks self-confidence. By speaking slowly and more calmly, you will easily get the interest of your interlocutor and you will not have to repeat yourself.

  1. cause jealousy

It’s an infallible technique when it comes to flirting. Even women resort to this method to find out if their men really care about them. In fact, it’s the best way to speed up the process by getting the woman to hold on. All you need to do is praise a good friend or someone you know to get things moving.

  1. Don’t be desperate

The best way to flirt with a woman is not to stand at her feet. You have to show that you can see elsewhere and make other even more interesting conquests. It will take a little indifference to really know his intentions. However, this method should be adopted with caution.

  1. Don’t get into their games

Every woman has her own personality. If some are more easily seduced as soon as they are attracted to you, others are more complicated. The most important thing is to be able to recognize when they are testing you. Don’t get confused. They love steadfast men.

15.Take care of your appearance

Some think it’s just an accessory. However, you have to put all the chances on your side. Note that it is the first impression that counts. Take care of your dress, be clean and simple. Of course, it is not necessary to unearth the latest trendy jeans or put on a suit and tie with a designer shoe. The most important thing is to be well presented.

There you go, hoping to have answered the question well. question “How to flirt with a woman? « . If you have other questionsyou can ask them in the comments below.

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