How to keep your man in love? 7 tips

You are in couple ? For a short time or for a few years? You live at distance (or not) ? And you would like your man stay madly in love with you? And you wish revive the flame ? And that above all, he does not seek to go look somewhere else ? In short, here 7 tips in order to keep his man in love and happy to be relation with you.

How to keep your man in love? 7 tips

You often wonder how to succeed in keeping your long term love man ? These 7 tips are for you!

  • Tip 1: Surprise him

The routine killsamour within a couple. To be able to make your love relationshipwe advise you to organize regular sorties, dinners, meals in between. Be creative and surprise him with a small gift or a tasty dish to solidify your romantic relationship. Listen more your other half to find out what he wants to do in his spare time. Never fall into routine.

  • Tip 2: Be his wife before being his girlfriend

Avoid being very possessive or very jealous. If your man really loves you, he’s not gonna get you cheat or get out with another. Do you consider yourself like his wife and not as his girlfriend. Jealousy is the biggest killer of love. Offer more freedom (going out with friends for example…).

  • Tip 3: Be understanding

The communication is very important within a couple. What will be the couple without exchange and without discussion between you and your other half! The communication positive allows you to make your couple last. Dialogue is important, not only at the flow of the relationship, but especially when you are together. Communication allowsto avoid them Conflicts. It is a pillar of thefulfillment of all couples.

  • Tip 4: Never stop seducing your man

The seduction is the driving force behind long-lasting torque. If you want to keep your man in love, you have to seduce again and again without having enough! Seduction makes it possible not only to please someone but also to avoid moments of crisis. Continue to dress well, and to have tender surprise for him. Know how to be tender and cuddle with lit with him.

  • Tip 5: Support him

Men are also sensible like women. There are days when everything is fine and others when it is not. because of the pressure of professional life. The man is always looking for a woman capable ofto listen and support him when needed. Support him at difficult moments, if you don’t, he will look elsewhere…. It’s important that your man can count on you, despite the hardships.

  • Tip 6: Don’t be negative

The happiness of your torque depends mainly on the quality of your thoughts. Always be optimistic and opt for a body language positive. The joy of living is a contagious emotion. So spread it! Always stay positive and stop complaining permanently. A mistake many women make is to criticize the friends and entourage of their men. It’s a real love killer! Get interested to his habits and activities so that he feels appreciated by you. Otherwise, be open to their ideas and plans.

  • Tip 7: Always be attentive and listen to him

What a man expects most from a woman is for her to be understanding and that she has the right reflexesto listenof to understand their wants, needs and feelings. Have an attentive attitude and always be open to communication and discussion is essential to be able to keep your man and make him more and more more in love. Also, let him do his activities, like watching a game or playing (a little) on his console. Your man doesn’t have to feel boxed in.

For further : if you have a testimonyand or, others tips to bring, in order to keep her man in love, you can do so in the comments below.

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