How to kiss a woman well via 7 video tutorials

Learn to kiss via 7 video tutorials

If it’s your first time, or you just want to improve, here are the best videos available in order to learn to kiss a woman (with the tongue).

  1. Video 1: How to kiss well step by step?

Embrace a girl is not as easy as you think. Note that it is not only a question of exchanging physiological fluid, but above all of sentiments.

If we want the girl to remember the kiss, we’ll have to be sure. Above all, it is important to show the woman that you have a mad desire to kiss her. Smile at her, hold her hand, be close to each other. Your body language shouldn’t betray you.

Ensuite, rput your mouth to his. But be careful, your noses must not touch each other, because you will look clumsy. When you reach her lips, give her a gentle kiss with your tongue. Bite her lips lightly and gradually introduce your tongue into his mouth.

In order not to suffocate it, put only half of the tongue and perform circular movements neither too slow nor too fast with his.

At the end, gently stick out your tongue and repeat the movement of the lips before giving him a kiss with the tongue.

  1. Video 2: How to kiss a woman with your tongue?

A kiss is a moment memorable that the woman is not likely to forget.

Therefore, it should be well prepared. First you must take care of your oral hygiene to avoid bad breath. Next, the choice of location is very important. Preferably, opt for a comfortable and more or less discreet environment. Exactly, as in a sexual act, you have to show your companion your desire.

Once eye contact is established, lower your eyes to his lips and be very close to each other.

Immerse yourself completely in the heart of the action. Close your eyes, open your lips and kiss your girlfriend gently. Meanwhile, use your hand to stroke her cheek.

When your languages ​​are in contact, make circular movements without rushing. The goal is to put your companion at ease. Alternate kisses and caresses in order to heighten the sensation.

For example, touch his ears as well as different parts of the body. What should be remembered is that to kiss well, you have to show patience and sensuality.

  1. Video 3: How to kiss for the first time with the tongue?

The first time is never easy. The slightest bad impression can do everything roll over.

Your lips should be appetizing and well hydrated. Everything must be perfect for the kiss to be unforgettable. At the time of the act, your nose must in no case hit that of the woman, because you will look clumsy. So think about tilt your head a little at the time of contact.

The choice ofplace is also crucial, because it is absolutely necessary to disconnect from the outside world.

Close your eyes and enjoy this moment of complicity. You should never rush things, but go gradually.

play with the tongue to give your companion a unique sensation.

  1. Video 4: The art of kissing a girl well

Kissing a girl takes tact. If this is a very first time, everything should go perfectly. You must be absolutely flawless.

The best moment to kiss a girl is in the late evening. Before that, you have to know how to recognize the signs and observe body language well so as not to be rejected.

But in any case, he should never attempt to kiss the girl by surprise.

Act with spontaneity. The eyes are infallible tools for passing messages. If you know how to do it, she should understand your intention without too much difficulty.

Then start with him kiss the neck before advancing to her lips.

Once in his mouth, your tongue should wrap around his to create a pleasant sensation. Nothing should be rushed. Adapt to the rhythm, everything should be to sychronize perfectly.

All this time, your hands must not remain inert, but stroke his arms, hair or shoulder. The most romantic do not hesitate to take the girl on the waist.

  1. Video 5: Instructions: how to kiss a girl?

This is a very important step in terms of seduction. It’s not enough to have the strength and the courage to take action.

The biggest challenge is to ensure that the girl also feels the urge to kiss you.

Hygiene and location play a huge role when it comes to kissing a girl. Brush your teeth regularly and find a place isolated enough to create intimacy and kiss the girl in peace. Never neglect the role of the hands during the kiss.

For example, you can pass your hands behind the hair during the kiss or caress the cheek with the thumb.

Some men even take the faces of their two-handed companions to create more intensity.

The kiss nshouldn’t last too long. 30 seconds is more than enough for a languorous kiss.

  1. Video 6: Tips for kissing a girl well

The kiss results from the interaction between two bodies. However, women often let men control the kiss.

It’s a way for her to appreciate the depth of sentiment of man. It is for this reason that kissing a woman requires real talent and unfailing spontaneity. The woman must also feel firmness as well as candy through the kiss.

The firmness to show the woman that you know very well what you are doing. As for sweetness, it show your affection for him. The secret to a good kiss is the breath. You’ll be grilled every time if your mouth smells bad.

Do not hesitate to take a chewing gum or a menthol-rich product to cover up the smell.

  1. Video 7: How to kiss with the tongue?

My french kiss French Kiss requires a great deal of skill and great precaution from the man.

It is often done at the end of the appointment. Preferably, we favor discreet places to be out of sight and to be well concentrated. It is important to specify first of all that hygiene is a prerequisite that should not be neglected.

Pno matter your Achilles talent, the woman will always get a bad memory from it, if you have bad breath. Then there is no need to rush.

You have to take your time and keep your mouth relaxed. You are going to explore the woman’s mouth with your tongue.

You can vary the movements, but always with gentleness and delicacy.

The only thing to avoid is putting your whole tongue into it.

IDon’t overlook the role of the hands during the first kiss either. You will always have to continue caressing it to maintain the feeling.

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