How to make a man cum in bed? My 7 tips

You have a boyfriend ? And he says he is not satisfied enough with your sex ? Or, you want it outright get addicted to you ? By giving him a pleasure strong in bed? Already, know that men and women do not don’t work the same way and that some tips which will follow could be useful to you, in order to obtain your chances of satisfying and of make your man cum in bed. An important point: cumming for a man does not necessarily mean orgasm or enjoyment, therefore, communicate well with your partnerin order to know its own feelings about your relationship.

-> And never forget that you are obligated to nothing. You must be consenting and don’t you feel forcedto do sexual practices or acts that you do not want.

Want to make your crazy man at the time of the act? Here are 7 tips for make you cum in bed!

  • Tip 1: Give importance to foreplay:

We often hear about the importance of foreplay for women, but rarely for men! However, men adore these moments which previous the act. Wondering how to make your darling cum with foreplay? It’s simple, give him a good fellatiolooking him in the eye, and caress his whole body! Be cuddly, and you can even think of giving him a massagebefore starting to do theamour.

  • Tip 2: Use your hands

Men, like women, love caresses. So you have to understand the‘male anatomy to make your man come. Even as a couple, men masturbates, so why not try this practice for two. Men appreciate sensual massage with some lubricant and while exerting a little pressure with a regular rhythm. And above all, ask him if this is pleasant for him. You don’t have to be afraid ofswap.

  • Tip 3: Try several positions

Hundreds positions from Kamasūtra make men crazy : the doggy style, the missionary, the padlock position, the drunken boat position, the riding position and the swimming frog position! If you want spice up your sex life and succeed in cracking your man for sure, we advise you to practice several positions during the act. Besides, ask him his positions favorites, and try to practice them, if you like also.

  • Tip 4: Bet everything on carnal contact

Le contact carnal increases the sexual tension and desire. 99% of women love it cunnilingus ! This is also the case for men with fellatio. This oral practice is essential to make your man wait for enjoyment. It is also possible to stimulate other erogenous zones with your tongue if your husband wishes. For example, you can easier her nipples, or give her kisses on the neck, men are very sensitive on these areas.

  • Tip 5: Ask him what he likes in bed

The fantasies there are many men. Some have sadomasochistic fantasies, others prefer milfs, threesomes or even cougar women. At the beginning of your relationship, it is impossible to know what your man likes the most (it’s the same thing for positions where the sexual fantasies). Do not hesitate to ask him the question to get a clear idea of ​​their wants and desires. The communication is the basis of all relation successful. It is essential for a intimate life blooming.

  • Tip 6: Communication during sex

You want to send your man in 7th heaven and the make you cum quickly ? To bring her darling to orgasm, it is necessary toexchange verbally with him during sex using adapted words to increase his desire and excitement. Give him some compliments on his physique so that he feels valued and to increase their self-confidence. Don’t forget to whisper a few sweet words and sexy by ear! Also, some men like to be insulted or ridiculed in bed. See if he likes domination.

  • Tip 7: Erotic scenes

The routine and the classic sex kills love and envy. To do crack your man, you have to cross all the barriers and let your imagination before and during the sexual act! The sensual stip teases excite men and drive them crazy! It is also a means of reclaiming one’s body and of feel sexy and desired by her darling! Never forget that thevisual excitement is as strong as massages sensual! So, dress sexy with beautiful underwear or a babydoll friendly.

Finally, all you have to do is apply these tips to give a lot of pleasure in bed to your partner! And feel free to share your tips or Remarks in the comments below.

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