How to meet a rich single person?

How to meet a rich single person?

To meet a rich man is the dream of many women, so to stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of success, you must first understand the rich man. From there, you should be prepared to make changes to your lifestyle and appearance, if necessary, to position yourself in the best possible way. This article addresses these questions, as well as the best places to find single rich men as well as things to learn so that when you meet them, you are ready to impress them!

1. Understand the single rich man.

  • Find out where they live.

The rich in general are concentrated on the coasts or in the capitals. In Monaco, Paris and the northeast are particularly popular places. Wealthy, single men are a little more spread out, and there are a few surprises.

  • Learn what they are looking for in a woman.

Not all men are the same, of course, but there are some generalities. They gravitate towards fit, attractive and well-dressed women. They tend to think that they are entitled (it’s that word again) to a “bras d’honneur” or to a woman who can plan social activities, act as hostesses, etc. However, when asked, about 90% of successful men and considered successful or very successful want a woman who has brains and is also successful

Moreover, according to a study, 75% of wealthy men also have more frequent sex and have more sexual partners than less wealthy men.

  • Watch their numbers increase.

Although wealth is a relative concept, many associate it with being a “millionaire”. Know the exact number millionaire single men in France, or the world for that matter, is not an easy number to pin down. What is clear, however, is that the global number of millionaires is on the rise. In fact, 1 in 18 households (all types combined) in France have at least 1 million euros in assets. One in 200 has at least less than 10 million euros in assets.

  • Take a closer look at who they are.

In general, they work near 60 to 80 hours per week and are often wealthy, self-made men. They’ve done good education, taken calculated risks, and have a long-term plan. They are also very dynamic, visionary and extremely confident. Many living surprisingly, modestly, are generally optimistic and recognize that they are not the smartest person in the room, at least not on all topics, and therefore surround themselves with people who can help them fill in the gaps and to achieve their vision.

Yet their self-confidence often leads to narcissistic behavior, and they often lack empathy for others. The feeling of being in their right is not foreign to them either.

2. Adjust your life to meet them

  • Move close to where they live.

Even if you don’t have the ways to offer you the neighborhoods or buildings the most exclusive, you can find accommodation not too far from where the money is. Get as close as possible. Or settle for a shoe in the box, right in the middle. In doing so, you will be shopping, walking your dog, jogging, drinking your coffee, etc. in the same neighborhoods. In doing so, you soak up the culture and meet people.

This gives you the opportunity to relax among the rich and get noticed without it costing you (more) anything. If you can’t afford to mover, just start shopping in upscale neighborhoods. Drive your car to the high end park for your morning jog etc.

  • Look fit.

If you want tomeet a rich person, you must look rich. If you don’t look and act right, you probably won’t close the deal. You want your look to be sexy, but not so sleazy. Invest in a few classic pieces that can be worn with many other things. Look for them at consignment stores and online at sites like eBay. Also invest inyears one or two designer handbags, used and versatile.

Accessories such as jewelry are also important, but they are more easily faked. Pearls are classic, for example, and don’t have to be real, and a pair of cubic zirconia earrings and a matching necklace will never go out of style or cost a fortune.

Know the dress code for any event you attend and make sure you follow it. If you’re not sure, it’s always better to be a little overdressed than underdressed. Avoid too much tan, too much makeup and coloring your hair in an unnatural way, because it is generally not a very classy look.

  • Talk like them.

Even if you didn’t studies in finance or political theory, you must be familiar with the topics of discussion of rich men. Since they are often big players in business and politics, gain knowledge in these areas by reading the newspapers daily. If you are unfamiliar with terms, concepts or historical contexts, check them out online.

Being able to hold a conversation intelligente will help you stand out from the crowd, and there will be many more. Also spend time learning about the things the wealthy enjoy, such as horse racing, sailing, the arts, fine jewelry, different cuisines, fancy cars, and more.

  • Act like money doesn’t matter.

The safest way to be considered a gold digger is to start asking him about the size of his bank account(s). The second safest way is to ask him how much an item he owns costs. The third safest way is to ask how much an item they buy for you costs. Avoid these topics…as you would with anyone else.

Also, be very careful when inquiring about the value of a man, because your curiosity could very easily trace back to him.

3. Meet him on his land

  • Work in the right industries or professions.

Since they work 60 to 80 hours a week, one way to meet them is to work with them, near them or for them. If you have an MBA, even better, as it will qualify you for jobs in many industries where they work. You can also consider where they spend their money, such as selling art, antiques, luxury cars, jets, homes, and yachts.

Also think about areas such as interior design, personal training, architecture, nursing, jobs in charities, country clubs, etc. which will expose you to a large number of rich men.

However, stay away from jobs where you will be wearing a uniform, as this can create a psychological barrier between you and men. riches you want to meet.

  • Attend charity events.

Charity balls, silent auctions, golf tournaments, polo matches, and anything involving a cultural or medical institution are great places to meet wealthy men. Often, the less the cause is known, the richer the donors, because the wealthiest are often proud to support charities that few people have heard of. Since you often have to be invited to these events or tickets can cost over a thousand dollars, the way to access them is to volunteer, especially for fundraising.

This allows you to preview the guest list, receive an invitation, and meet people. To find out about these events, search charities online in your city or in neighboring cities.

  • Go to the right sporting events.

Wealthy, single men are particularly fond of golf, polo, horse racing, sailing, skiing, and tennis. Learn how these sports are practiced. Familiarize yourself with the best players, events and the most prestigious places, and the news of these sports. Also consider joining your local racquet club and learn to play tennis, take lessons in golf, boating, etc., not only to make yourself known to the rich, but also to show that you know how to do it. kind of things rich people do.

  • Frequent the upscale bars, lounges and restaurants.

When wealthy single men decide to dine out, go out for a night on the town, or travel, they expect the best and will frequent only the finest establishments. This is where you will want to be. Chic hotel bars and 4-star steakhouse bars, where they will have a drink before eating, are excellent places to position themselves. For the more timid rich man, seek out the posh salon in the exclusive neighborhoods. Do not go there with a herd of girlfriends and never with another man; rather go with one or two of your friends.

  • Join a rich singles dating site or app, or hire a professional.

There are many sites websites that claim to help the rich find mates, or the non-rich find rich mates. The well-known ones are,, and (although the latter is a bit suspect and should be treated as such). There are also a number of “millionaire matchmakers” you can hire to match up with wealthy people.

There is no guarantee that you will be accepted by the matchmakerso try to put everything else in place first to increase your success rate before going that route.

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