How to provoke a meeting with a woman?

How to provoke a meeting with a woman?

The answer to this question is complex, limitless and vague. One of the main reasons why meeting women is sometimes rare is because the provocation of women by men is insufficient because some of these men rely too much on factors,such as dating sites or luck to find a wife.

Love often falls from the sky, but here are 7 behaviors to be put in place to cause the romantic encounter with a woman.

1. Voluntarily go to certain places

Try to go voluntarily in places (real or virtual) where you could meet women. Because public places, party places are places where meeting can have more possibilities. To meet women you must start by frequenting the meeting places

In practice : If you start by frequenting the meeting places regularly, you will have many opportunities to initiate an interaction with an attractive woman. And if you know how to do it correctly, you will meet people. Women hope that it is the man who initiates the conversations. Therefore, it is the men who must take the first part in approaching the woman.

2. Bring out your qualities

Way of being non-measurable (of a thing) which gives a greater or lesser value, One of the essential qualities in a man, is his sense of listening and above all that he respects your point of view or opinion. ’empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand what the other feels, Optimism, Knowing how to trust, Altruism, Knowing how to communicate, Discernment, Modesty (my favorite)

The person who has a real universe is really attractive, but first of all it requires getting to know yourself better in order to enhance yourself and your quality. Get off the beaten track and find yourself.

In practice : In a practical case, please first highlight your uniqueness, an objective that characterizes you, a particular center of interest, indolence… By embarrassing them, you capture their attention.

3. Cultivate your gifts

Which is made with care and application,

A joy, a studied pain.

A studied language.

A studied gesture.

The game of this actor is too studied

Cultivate your aura! Such a kind of natural Gift that makes you inherently attractive… in your own way of course.

In practice :It must be occasioned effective circumstances for him during a date with a woman. By being very comfortable, in your element, it will be easier for you to make a good mark. You are an amazing salsa dancer, invite her to dance. Give yourself to your advantage! You will have many possibilities afterwards to find yourself in provocation.

4. Have the thirst to know new women

The inflexible march towards concordance can cause a certain amount of confusion over identity. Seek to understand them more… simply enjoy their company.

In practice : It’s about letting go of your goals. It’s reassuring for a woman to feel appreciated for who she is. Also, by dating women, you will better understand their visions of the world, their way of thinking, their problems and the need for their fight. Do not hesitate to ask your friends for advice before a first date.

5. Listen attentively

Listening involves entering into contact with this world in its own right at the same time as, for ourselves, this other universe that is every human being. The first reflex, faced with this immense unknown that is the other , consists in clinging to what we have, namely our own knowledge and references

In practice :A woman will trust you more because it requires empathy, one is equal to the other. The man is no longer obliged to be energetic at all costs. Developing his qualities of heart is an asset. Talk to him about yourself, listen to him quietly. Show him your selfless attitudes with joy.

6. Share your emotions with her

Emotions are spontaneous reactions to a situation. They can lead to physical manifestations which is very important in a relationship is the emotional language, the key element of communication. The 7 main emotions allow you to base your meeting well: Fear. Fear signals the presence of danger, real or imagined, Anger. Anger arises when what is essential for us is threatened, when someone tries to impose something on us, when our territory is invaded, Sadness, Disgust, Surprise, Joy.

In practice :You have to talk about your feelings. Tell her how happy you are to meet her, and how excited you are to spend some time with her. your memories matter, share moments of strong emotions with her, don’t hesitate to show her your sensitivity. Talk to him about your family, your friends, your pets, your childhood… It’s as simple as that. All of this allows you to draw his attention to you.

7. Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself, your hair, take care of your shirts, not stained… For the first time, avoid your appointment

In practice :Taking good care of yourself for the first date, whether from a food or cultural point of view, considerably shortens your actions on the seduction market. Clothing plays a major role in the state of well- psychological being of any individual. Being well dressed and well dressed gets the attention of others towards you, well dressed first denounces you as a manager or an intellectual, many women begin by adoring the man by his way of dressing so clothing plays a crucial role in your meeting.

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