How to react when a man does not give news?

You are recently in couple ? Or in the process of seduction with a homme ? And this one don’t give you little or not new ? So you wonder if he is really lover ? You would like him to try to be more spontaneousand that it sends you more than messages ? So I’ll give you my 7 tipsin order to react when a man is distant and gives no news.

How to react when a man does not give news? My 7 tips

When a man decides to take some distance is that there is certainly an explanation, it may come from the fact that you are too kind with him, too acquired, too jealous… He can also be very busy in situation specific (travel, work, illness, etc.). How to do react distant man ? Here are my 7 tips for you !

  • Tip 1: Limit your actions

The man needs to feel thewant to contact you. To manage the situation perfectly, avoid talking about this situation around you. Also try to limit the first initiatives. We must try as much as possible that the situation comes from him.

  • Tip 2: Control your cravings

You have to control your cravings to avoid writing to him first each time. Of course you have the right to contact once, but if he does not answer, you must at this time take it from the distance. Indeed, when your man notices that you are taking some distance, he will try to bring closer from you. Be patient and move away you from your phone at all costs.

  • Tip 3: Focus on your life

Consider balancing your personal life without him. Spend time with your friends to occupy your days. Leave aside everything that could feed the desire to call him (mobile phone, social networks etc…). Always focus on your welfare and on your personal and professional life. And do some sport, this allows you to better cope with difficult moments emotionally. Then you will be more relaxed.

  • Tip 4: Gain self-confidence

When a man doesn’t give any more news, it’s because he hasn’t not afraid of getting lost ; If you wish to have this news, you should never put the pression. have trust in you and within your abilities. When he tries to contact you, he will sense that you are independent and you don’t need him. From this moment, you will get results which will allow you to conquer this man since he will try with all possible means, toinvest in your relationship. It’s the adage « Flee me and I’ll follow you, follow me and I’ll run away from you ».

  • Tip 5: Remember your value

Remember that you are capable of succeed alone. Never let a distant man convince you that you are lower to him or that you depended from him. Moreover, it can be felt as very difficult, if you are under 25 years old, but with relationships and the years, you will distance yourself more, and you will let men do less.

  • Tip 6: Stop chasing him

If he misses you, he will contact you and ask about you. So stop running after him because a man hates Ease! Always remember that if he really wants you, he will come after you and he will will contact with any concerns. Let him live his life, because you can’t force anyone to do what you expect of him.

  • Tip 7: Expand your circle of friends

Whatever one says, the 118 meeting sites and social networks are great and effective tools for making interesting encounters. If this man does not hear from him despite your efforts, you must avoid loneliness. The feeling of loneliness makes you vulnerable. Your fulfillment depends on the human relations. You must therefore meet interesting people, enjoy your life to the full and let go.

Letting go is stop fighting to have everything; Trust your intelligence, think rationally to give up or to detach yourself from this person who is not aware of the value of your presence in his life. Use all available means (site or exits) to meeting new people and to find your soul mate.

  • Last advice: clarify the situation

If you stay still no news, and that this under makes unhappy, it is absolutely necessary to clarify the situation. You must tell him that this situation makes you unhappy, and that you do not want to stay with him under these conditions. Two possibilities, either he will react, and it will be a very good thing for your couple. And if not, you’ll probably decide (by mutual agreement) to end your relationship. It may be hard to cash in, but it will be for your highest good on the long term.

For further : if you have other tips to give and/or questions to ask, you can do so in the comments below.

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