How to satisfy a man in bed? 7 tips from a man

You have a new boyfriend ? You are enough stressed out about not being level in bed? You would like it to return lover from your sexual relations? You want it satisfied and raise it to seventh heaven ? So that he wants to stay with you ? In order to answer this questionI have listed the 7 best advice (according to a man!), in order to satisfy your man in bedand may he be happy and fulfilled sexually with you.

How to satisfy a man in bed? My 7 tips for you

Want to satisfy your man and drive him crazy in bed?! These tips are for you!

  • Tip 1: Take more initiative

Men like their partners to take more action and moreinitiatives. If you are in love of him, then be comfortable and do not be embarrassed by your corps. And above all, take initiatives! Don’t just lie there waiting for him take the lead. Show him that you have confidence, and that you know what you want in bed. For example, you can take the initiative to undressand quietly begin the foreplay.

  • Tip 2: A blowjob before sex?

Why not give him a fellatio before your report! This is the perfect time to do turn up the heat and to enjoy intimate moments. At that time, the level of testosterone of your man is to her maximum. It will take all the more pleasure. If you want to increase his pleasure even more, practice fellatio for a while then stop, for then to resume more beautiful. The slow and tantric progression of pleasure will excite him a lot!

The caress again and again, we say it and we repeat it, the preliminaries are quite simply indispensable. Also take a long time to caress mutually.

  • Tip 3: Vary the positions before and during the act

If you find a position that gives him particular pleasure, start by doing everything gently then increase to intensity, step by step. Stop for a few seconds, caressing her erogenous zones, then return to the first action. Vary the pace. You can also try new positions. Men like to try out new practices. In short, break the routine and surprise him!

  • Tip 4: Set up a Zen atmosphere

Create a sensual environment. You can broadcast a aphrodisiac perfume in the room and light it with candles. You can also do theamour in unusual places! Don’t be afraid to try new things, to put lingerie if you don’t have one corps of a mannequin, to use words and small phrases provocative or to embark on new practices. In addition, you have the right to wash your sheets before and put on a naughty background sound. This will make the moment even more unique.

  • Tip 5: Try new practices

Don’t be afraid to offer new things to overcome the routine (role-playing games, sex toys, special clothes, erotic toys). talk about sex with him and discover all his fantasies. If the men love to dominate they also like that we take, from time to time, the situational control. Attach it to bed bars using handcuffs or a scarf and show him what you are about capable !

  • Conseil 6 : Le strip-tease

The strip-tease is a great way to drive a man crazy. Do not hesitate to play your curves. Your man should not resist long…. You can also undertake a dance sensual and languorous in front of your partner. Pleasantly surprised, he will hasten to help you take off your clothes. At the same time, you can whisper sweet nothings in his ear.

  • Tip 7: Awaken all your senses

Raise the temperature gently without forgetting thesurprise effect. You can, for example, play with a ice Cube when the temperature is at its maximum, run along its body with an ice cube in the mouth. The contrast of hot and cold will put it in all its states. Use scented lubricants, put a soft music, tie him up, blindfold him and surprise him with a massage tantric to awaken all his senses swinging your hands on his body.

  • Last tip: communicate about your mutual desires

And above all, communicate! The best remains of him ask what he likes.. upstream. And thus, can implement its preferences and fantasies. It would be a shame for you to make an effort, for something that is not part of his fantasy. So nothing beats communication and actively listening to his partner. Finally, no matter what, your partner will be hit.

Finally, all you have to do is apply these 7 tips to drive your man crazy in bed. Up to you ! And if you have more, you can to share in the comments below, and I will post them.

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