Ice Breaker [Guide sur l’App de rencontres]

A un certain moment of life, we want to let off steam. At a certain point in life, we want to cross blockades. It’s hard for some to be valiant in the world physique. Hence the effective presence of the digital world which makes it possible to to win also a lot of self-confidence although many don’t really manage it.

Today, engaging in a new relation is more and more complicated. We are always afraid of saying inappropriate words that could directly affect others in a sense of rupture. We are always afraid of disappointing a girl or a guy on the way. We present to you today Ice Breaker, the application of free dating to break the ice that exists when we flirt a person. That said, you will then have a specific briefing on the contours de l’application Ice Breaker.


1. How is contact made on Ice Breaker?

The contact on Ice Breaker is quite original compared to the others dating website. The first concept ofapplication Ice Breaker is easily done in three questions. If someone wants to get in touch with another person, they must first answer three quiz questions. These are obviously three questions chosen at the prior.

You will see qwith Ice Breakerthere will no longer be multiples interrogations which were made as soon as a profile appealed to you. The role of the application is to solve shyness problems and therefore to break the ice as mentioned above.

In fact, most Ice Breaker users find the application really oriented in the direction of giving smile to everyone, in the sense of breaking all possible barriers from the first contact. We obviously wonder what motivates them so much to love theapplication. We cannot stop there. We must discover what goes beyond this simple and useful contact offered by the application.

2. What’s the best thing about Ice Breaker?

There are so many dating apps these days. But most of them are considering changes due to user complaints. Nonetheless, Ice Breaker came as a terrific solution.

The Ice Breaker application offers several very practical options, namely:

  • The mode Subway : allowing you to flirt even without an Internet connection. Indeed, the connection synchronizes once it is activated.
  • The mode Radar : it is a geolocation system. Once activated, you have 50m radius coverage to pick up other app users.
  • In order to make the application even more fun and break the shyness even more, there is also the possibility to exchange music that we listen to directly by chat.
  • For those who are short on time after discovering a profile they like, there is an option to put the profile in question in the fridge and to be able to take it out when the time is right. It is an option that has come to silence the debates on many comparisons of this application to others of the same style.
  • To never stay on the pack ice, there is a penguin who invites himself into the chats and revives conservation by tackling different subjects each time. So many things at your fingertips.
  • The dating app Ice Breaker has a battery preservation mode, using the Bluetooth Low Energy feature to stay geolocated without draining the battery completely.

3. How to register on Ice Breaker?

It was really important to know everything about Ice Breaker to undertake how to register. We could not talk about registration without alluding to the happiness possible to find on this online dating site.

So, we wonder how to be part of the users of this application which is the pride of many. You can use your Facebook account or not to register. You also have the choice to switch to discreet, anonymous and confidential mode. Which does not leave the risk of falling on an acquaintance of Facebook or posting the photos on your profile. Then comes the traditional profile information that anyone can fill out, uploading your photos, and what’s new.

4. How Ice Breaker works

It should also be noted that you will be asked to choose three questions from several themes such as seduction, family, leisure and others… These questions will be asked to each person who wants to get in touch with you and the answers will be given to you. at the same time. Some take it as a game. Nevertheless, it allows you to see if the person in question interests you or not and to decide if the conversation can start or not.

However, one cannot speak of total perfection because there is a small group of people who complain about the prices of subscriptions when they want to take more luxurious packages. It is obviously luxury and it is very normal that we find it a bit expensive. All in all, it’s a complete success. Everyone says it on the web. Everyone tries to create their own account to go from looking shy to looking brave.

Suddenly, it is a bit incomprehensible to dwell on the prices of subscriptions which are not only lower than those of several vulgar sites. We didn’t really want to mention it because the application is free of charge and doesn’t require much to pay to be satisfied for the start. Nevertheless, there are fee schedules in the app itself.

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