Know if a member is subscribed (premium) on Meetic

How to know if a member is subscribed on Meetic?

You, you are registered on Meetic. When looking for profiles to contact, you a single person who caught your eye. You tried to send him a message, without answer, and you want to know the reason for the non-answer. You think it must be someone who is not a paying subscriber, but in fact there is three possible situations.

Why don’t you have an answer?

First of all, it is not possible to know the status of a Meetic account (with or without subscription), but the analysis of the behavior of your interlocutor can give you some answers, and will tell you the right behavior to adopt, in order to receive -in fine- one answer:

  • 1. [Pas de compte payant]
    • The person has not a paid Meetic account, and therefore cannot respond to your correspondence. Besides, he can’t see your message either, but he can know that you sent him a message. In this case, you can take a additional paid option (see below in the paragraph on how Meetic subscriptions work), which will allow it to respond to you, if it does not have a subscription. Note that this feature works for both men and women, as they now have to pay for a paid account.
  • 2. [Personne ne s’est pas connectée]
    • The member has not logged in since your submission, and has not yet read your message. So it’s normal. Don’t panic, you you will have to be patient and wait for the person to reconnect again. It is possible that the person has found love in the meantime. On Meetic, there are many “dead” subscriber accounts with people who have created an account, and who no longer connect.
  • 3. [Pas intéressé(e) pas votre profil]
    • Your catch phrase on Meetic does not have it not convinced, and he/she does not wish to proceed. Also, and this is the most common, it is unfortunately possible your profile does not please him enough. It will then be necessary to aim for lower targets, and at the same time, work on your profile and photos, in order to improve your appeal to the fairer sex. Do not be discouragedand know that there is room for everyone to find love.

Last point, the women are harassed by messages than Meetic, which simply means that they cannot consult all the messages they receive, let alone reply to them. So, don’t blame them if you don’t get replies, because you’d probably do the same in return.

How subscriptions work on Meetic

Namely that without a paid account, you can’t read messages that you receive, nor send to profiles that caught your attention. On the other hand, you know which profile consulted yours, and which person sent you a message, who necessarily has a paid account.

To solve this option, Meetic offers une option premium (to be paid additionally), in order to give each member the possibility of reading your message, even if he is not a paying subscriber (premium). It’s up to you if you want to invest in this option.

Improve your use of Meetic

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Finally, do not forget to comment on this article, and to indicate if you have other techniques to understand when we don’t have no answers seduction and flirting messages sent on Meetic, and the strategies you put in place to remedy them.

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