Learn how to make love well via 7 video tutorials

Make love well via 7 video tutorials

If you want to to improvehere are the best video tutorials so to learn how to make love well:

  1. Video 1: Foreplay is important

In a couple, make love is both a duty and a vital need. Many homes are broken because the sex life is gone. For various reasons, the urge or libido decreases and eventually disappears completely in such a way that theinfidelity take a seat.

In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to maintain the sexuality in a couple. The foreplay are necessary before intercourse, as they allow both people to discover each other and optimize theexcitation.

In women, foreplay promotes better lubrication of the vagina. In this way, penetration is carried out more easily.

For man, they are necessary for a better erection. Foreplay varies according to the habits of the couple: fellatio, cunnilingus, clitoral stimulation, kisses on the private parts or on the erogenous zones.

  1. Video 2: Variation of positions

The variation of positions sexual is essential in order to avoid the routine which is one of the causes of rupture in a couple. However, there are no theories to follow to get laid well.

It all depends on individual preferences and experience. Kama sutra proposes different types of positions. We distinguish the small spoons, the missionary, the scorpion, the tiger, the jewelry box, the waffle iron or the embrace of the panda.

To find a orgasm in a short time, the tiger position is the most recommended. The woman lies on her back with her thighs spread around her partner’s back. The man meanwhile is lying on top of the woman. This position allows you to penetrate deeply into the woman.

For more tenderness and sensuality, the position of the jewelry box is perfect.

  1. Video 3: Making love for the first time

First of all, it is important to know that different conditions must be met for thesexual act takes place normally and for you to reach together, the point climax or orgasm.

First of all, you have to have the desire or the desire. If one of the partners is not yet ready or hesitant, it is better to wait. Then, you have to choose the person with whom you plan to do it. Preferably a very sympathetic, caring and consenting person. Also, don’t forget to protect yourself by using a contraception like a condom in order to avoid STDs or accidents.

Finally, decompression. Relax, because this is a pleasant experience and not an interview session.

For practice, the most important thing is to communicate and take your time. There is no point in rushing. Also feel free to try things out. It’s up to you to make your own experiences. Vary positions and movements. Do as you wish.

  1. Video 4: The secrets to improving your sexual pleasure

There are three main elements to know for better sexual fulfillment. First, the ideal moment for a relationship with his partner is the phase ofovulation. That is to say, the 14th day after the last menstrual period.

Indeed, during this period, endocervical glands of the cervix secretes a whitish slimy substance called cervical mucus. The latter provides intense pleasure during sexual intercourse and greatly facilitates the passage of sperm. Then, for the pleasure to be mutual, it is necessary to know your partner well.

Harnessing and stimulating the senses that provide him with more arousal during sexual intercourse : your smell, your cry and moan, your movement. Finally, don’t forget that during a leg part in the air, there is an exchange of energy between two people.

The man generally dominates and the woman plays the submitted. However, the role can also bereverse so that there is really an exchange between the two sexes.

  1. Video 5: How to make love to a woman properly?

In many cases, women are rarely satisfied in bed because men don’t know how to get there. take.

If you want to do enjoy pleasure your companion, there is three sexual positions very effective basic that you can practice.

The missionary position is very popular with women because it is the best way to stimulate the G-spot. She lies on her back with her legs up and the man penetrates her from the front.

Then the position cow girl where the woman overlaps the man. The advantage of this position is that the woman can manage the penetration with pelvic movements. But the man can also vary the movements by raising the pelvis.

Finally we have the doggy style which consists of taking the woman from behind. She can stand up or crawl as she pleases. This position allows the penis of the man to penetrate depth in order to provide the woman with intense pleasure.

  1. Video 6: The 2 secrets to making love to a man well

In general, it is the man who directs during the sexual relation. However, if you want him to really get off and have fun in bed with you, you have to take matters into your own hands. Contrary to what most women think, men like enterprising women.

You don’t have to be a escort-girl to dominate a man in bed. You can perfectly take the reigns and make him enjoy pleasure. They like that. Note that men appreciate women who know how to surprise them. If you want man to fall head over heels lover of you, be unpredictable.

Give him some things which he would never have imagined without, however, falling into the extreme.

The second thing a woman should consider during sex is the communication. Note that making love is not a one-way street but it is a complicity between two consenting people.

The woman should not hesitate to ask the man what he wants. For example, his preferences for fellatio, the kind of position he either likes or dislikes. In this way, everyone can find their account.

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