Learn to talk to very pretty women via 12 tips

12 tips for learning to talk to very pretty women

Here are the best tips for approaching a very beautiful woman:

  1. Don’t put yourself down

First, you should never openly show that you are impressed by her beauty or her charm. There’s no point in showering compliments, because that’s not how you’ll win her respect. She might even laugh at you. Use your beautiful smile to get her attention while being yourself. No matter what topic you’re going to talk about, be natural.

  1. No need to tell her she’s beautiful

If you want to stand out and get the attention of a pretty woman, you should never be like all the other men. The greatest charmers are able to date any girl because they know how to go about it. Instead of complimenting her on her looks, you can talk about her character traits, her style of dress, her shoes, or her smile.

  1. Show confidence

The pretty girls have nothing extraordinary apart from their beautiful faces and their goddess bodies. The most important thing is to show that you are a real, manly man with determination. Speak calmly, out loud like an alpha male. When you talk to her, you will need to exude a certain confidence.

  1. Don’t be intimidated by its beauty

Like all other women, a pretty girl is looking for the man who could make her happy. Far from what most men may think, this kind of woman is quite accessible. Just be interesting. Show that you have character and a strong personality. If you can’t seduce her, find another one. It’s quite simple.

  1. Be a gentleman, without falling into the friendzone

What man can resist getting laid with a hot, beautiful and sexy girl if given the opportunity? Only, if you want to conclude with a very pretty woman, you will have to distinguish yourself. Be a gentleman, pay attention to his personality. Speak politely while occasionally sexualizing the conversation.

  1. Do you have alpha characteristics?

Women appreciate this kind of man. If you have alpha characteristics, you will have no problem seducing an attractive woman. First, you have to know how to control your emotions and express yourself calmly. Clearly show your determination to achieve your goal. A true alpha male does not get discouraged easily. A very pretty woman will easily fall under your spell.

  1. Avoid trivial questions

Pretty women are used to being flirted with banal and boring questions. If you want to have your chance with this kind of girl, be original. Do not look for too sophisticated phrases, because the result will be even worse. Just change the form of the sentence. Use affirmations to compel her to respond to you. You can then make a transition to other subjects.

  1. Project a good self-image

Women know how to recognize at first sight a man who is stressed, shy or in his own skin. It is not enough to take care of your dress to impress a pretty girl. Your general appearance always gives you away. This is why many men are grilled from the first approach sentence. You have to stay zen, natural and believe in your potential.

  1. Humor is infallible in seduction

As we have just mentioned, women know how to recognize a stressed or desperate man. If you’re that kind of man, don’t kid yourself. Indeed, a pretty woman needs a man who knows how to amuse her and make her spend pleasant moments. If you’re too serious, she might get bored. Humor works very well with this kind of woman.

  • 10. Keep your distance

Most pretty women think all men are dying to bang them. If you want to surprise her and so that she can be interested in you, take your distance. You don’t have to suffocate it. She would know that you are not like all the others who are desperate to have her in their beds.

  1. Lead the conversation

Most men are so dazzled by the beauty of a woman that they can’t reason and have an interesting discussion. However, a very pretty woman wants nothing more than a normal conversation. You just have to have the courage to approach it calmly and engage in dialogue.

  • 12 Try To Know His Personality

With a pretty girl, it is useless to make an impression by bragging about your qualities or making her believe that you are an exceptional guy. She just needs to be comfortable around you. Instead of focusing the conversation on his physique, talk about his personality. She will find you interesting.

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