Legal actions against dating sites – What situation to date?

Legal action against dating sites – What situation to date?

In France, apart from Gleeden attacked by a Catholic association, with the aim of requesting the withdrawal of advertisements, for disturbing public order, there have been few legal remedies against dating sites.

Nevertheless, we found traces of many legal situations in the United States. First in 2011, was sued for not deleting inactive profiles, despite requests from unsubscribed users, especially women, to artificially inflate the number of female accounts, compared to that of males. . Also, some users had detected photos of actresses or models as users of the site, when it was only spam. The company had thus created a machine to create filling profiles. The class action lawsuit against Match ended with a victory for the plaintiffs, and damages payable in the order of $1.4 million.

Another even more serious case, a dating site for people with STDs (positive singles), which indicated that the profile was 100% confidential, noted that it placed the profiles on other dating sites, which implied that a person with HIV could meet a person without HIV, without being informed. Due to this very serious public health situation, the website was heavily condemned. In 2013, a former employee sued adultery site Ashley Madison, claiming she was paid to create 1,000 fake accounts, which caused her wrists and forearms to hurt from tapping. his keyboard, and that this would lead to deception for customers. The company defended itself, but the case was dismissed.

Heavy fines against dating sites

In 2014, the United States fined JDI Dating (a group of 18 websites, including and above €600,000, finding that the website offered free registration to create a account, that the person then received a message from a geographically close person, but then had to pay to consult it, because it was impossible to consult the message without paying. Knowing that these messages came from false profiles, specially created for the occasion, with false photos and false information.

To date, there have been no similar cases in France, but we have detected many sites with fake profiles. Probably users should band together to take such action to court, but people rarely want to go to court because they want to remain anonymous.

We have created a ranking of sites that may potentially contain the highest rate of fake profiles. We invite you to visit it.

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