List of 12 unusual places (in France) where to make love!

List of 12 unusual places (in France) where to make love!

My ranking of unusual places to try at least once in your life:

  1. In the park

Nothing is more romantic than making love in a park in the great outdoors. Comfort will not necessarily be there, because ants and wasps will certainly join the party. However, nothing is more exciting than fucking on a bench or in the soft grass under the cooing of the birds. The ideal position is of course standing doggy style, but a good blowjob will also be welcome. To be safe from the curious, prefer late hours.

  1. Public toilets

It’s not just any public restroom. No matter the emergency, always think about hygiene. If you want more discretion, this is the perfect place. However, it should be avoided on the toilet bowl as a precaution. Instead, prefer standing positions with only your hands against the wall (hygiene), standing doggy style or sodomy. You’re still going to have to deal with the moaning, because it can attract attention.

  1. In the car

Interesting, but watch out for indecent exposure. If you have tinted windows, this is ideal. Otherwise, you have to park in a discreet place like at the back of a parking lot or in a darker place. Fellatio is the most common, but the andromache position is also recommended. Just fold the driver’s chair back. Step into the back seat for an anvil position.

  1. On the beach

In France, you have several options. Either you opt for naturist beaches or choose less frequented places. Summer is the perfect season for smut on the beach. If you want to be more romantic, try the missionary position. Wave noises would only increase the sexual tension. However, don’t forget to bring a towel to avoid the sands.

  1. At the movie theater

The positions are rather limited, because we are not alone. You can indulge in a session of fellatio or fondling without going any further. If you are good at touching, the girl can come more than once during the film. However, the moaning should be done in silence. The airlock or a chair in the back would do well to avoid attracting attention.

  1. The dressing cabin

We will have seen everything, have you ever thought of this place? It will be the perfect place to vary the sexual experiences a little. A fitting room is spacious enough to do all possible positions. In addition, the cries can be concealed thanks to the music. However, to reduce the risk of being caught in the middle of the action, it is necessary to favor large stores where the cabin is not under surveillance.

  1. At work

When it comes to sex, the riskier the place, the greater the excitement. If you have your personal office, this will be the best. Just draw the curtains and have a more or less large space so as not to limit the positions. On the table, on the floor or against the wall, the possibilities are endless. Of course, don’t forget to lock the door.

  1. In the bathroom

For an erotic adventure, you are not going to bring the girl home. It’s not very discreet. Take advantage of an evening at her house to get a shot. The bathroom is ideal for more discretion. Blowjob, cunnilingus or doggy style, you are spoiled for choice. Since you don’t have the whole evening like at home, it will be even more exciting. Watch out for the noise though.

  1. In the elevator

Why not ? If you can get laid on a beach or in a dressing room, the elevator is even more discreet. Besides, you can moan all you want because no one will hear. Just block the elevator for a few minutes. Missionary position, andromaque or emu, the place is perfect to try various positions. Take care to rebutton your shirt or skirt well so as not to arouse suspicion.

  • In the transports

It will be even more exciting if done on a plane or a walking train. Travel time will be shortened. Apart from a few caresses, the positions are a bit limited. The emu is ideal in the toilet given the cramped conditions. With engine noises, there’s nothing to worry about your partner’s screams. If you have berths, it will be even better.

  • In the sea or a swimming pool

You are not taught anything about the advantage of getting laid in a swimming pool or in the sea. Water offers unique sensations when it comes to sex. It’s the best way to break the usual routines and live new experiences. The choice of position will nevertheless depend on the depth. Up to you.

  • In the middle of the forest

There is a risk of being surprised at any moment by voyeurs or walkers. However, to spice up the relationship, nothing hurts to change the scenery. Before choosing this option, check the weather anyway so as not to spoil the adventure. The positions are unlimited: doggy style, sodomy, missionary or butterfly.

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