List of 15 preliminaries to do before making love

Foreplay before making love

here is foreplay list to do before making love, in order to put you in perfect conditions, and before considering penetration (see sodomy).

  • 1: Whisper sex words in her ear

Tell her (the girl) in her ear in a low voice with a affirmative and musical tone what you are going to do to him in the next few minutes.

Make her sexual promises, erotic suggestions. Take control of the session and raise the temperature body of the girl in him shimmering thrills on the horizon.

  • 2: Warm up in the Uber

Arrange to return tonight with your partner by taxi. While you’re both sitting in the back seat of the car, let yourself go in seduction.

Languorous kisses, tell him of your fantasieshow do you want it to be includes with you when you get home.

Leave your legs in evidence. Be sensual to the touch. It’s a very game exciting.

  • 3: The look game

For long minutes, without saying a word or doing anything, stare at your partner in the eyes (not an aggressive look).

Adopt a regard sighing, eager, devouring…pierce the mystery of his soul with your eyes.

You can then add a sensual touch and sweet words to set up all the sexual decor of the evening.

  • 4: Practice erotic massage

One of the great classics in the world of sexual foreplay. If you’re not used to it, then it’s even better with the element of surprise.

Gently undress her and have her lie on her back and then on her stomach. Use essential oils recommended for context.

Put in the background a musique catchy and sensual well chosen.

Candles? Why not!! Take it slow, really slow starting with the mains. Emphasize the erogenous zones as you would if it was her sex.

  • 5: Become his role model

Become his role model before the real part of sexual intercourse.

Whether he reproduces your portrait in a drawing, in a photo or whether he makes you play as main actress in his film, here are as many ideas as you can suggest to your partner.

It should be clarified that you must pose naked so that the sexual energy emanating from your body is contagious.

Don’t leave it at all not get too close to you. You must feel on his face a burning desire to make love to you.

  • 6: Using sexts

If your partner is far from you during the day (which is very likely), you can use this opportunity in your favor to make raise sexual temperature between you.

Keep him going all day with naughty, erotic and very hot messages. You can start by describing the scanty outfit you’re wearing right now.

surprise him moments later with another sext recounting how you are gently soaping your breasts in the bathtub.

Bid a few minutes later with another message sexy in which you specify what color panties you are wearing.

There is a strong chance that his working day is cut short.

  • 7: Talking about your fantasies with each other

This practice still secret sex that you would like him or her to do to you, that covers your body with goosebumps just thinking about it, if tonight you confessed it to him or her, if only for see his reaction.

There is a strong chance that sexual energy that emerges from this fantasy, your partner can feel it too.

It would even also be at the same time encouraged to tell you about his fantasy.

This openness from one to the other will nurture a sexual desire that will make all the difference.

  • 8: The treasure hunt before the somersaults

Tonight give him a series trials and tests that he would first have to brave to deserve you.

Ask him some puzzles about things he is supposed to know about you. Accompanied by each event won a small reward.

It can just be a kiss on her nipples and then give him another challenge.

There is a good chance that before he braves all the tests, he jumps on you so much the sexual desire caused by this erotic game will just be unbearable.

  • 9: Blindfold him

Blindfold your partner is also one of the most exciting foreplay.

Move around in the dark by blindfolding her with a scented silk scarf for the occasion, caress her, kiss her, touch her parties sensibles of her body, leaving her no point of reference, you will arouse in her a multitude of emotions more exciting each other.

  • 10: Share a bath of love

Prepare a bain of love to her as well. Light up candles pleasantly scented, run a bubble bath, add roses to the surface of the water, put on some intoxicating music to immerse both of you in this strongly erotic.

Don’t be stingy with caresses throughout the bath. The game will certainly not end in the bathtub.

  • 11: Watching an erotic film together

It is necessary to know the temperament on the other before putting this preliminary into practice.

If you are sure that looking at a erotic movie with you isn’t going to make your partner uncomfortable, so you can go for it.

Fill your TV night with a real party visual warm-up which will definitely raise the sexual temperature between you.

  • 12: A naughty shopping spree for two

Bring sir to attend your lingerie fitting session.

Try some really daring and sexy outfitsthere and make sure he observes all the outfits on you. Do your best to keep him at bay, to raise the temperature and have fun watching him blush with desire.

  • 13: The use of mischievous nicknames

It consists of the use of naughty and erotic little names to tenderly name your partner or very specific parts of their body.

Whisper them in his ear when you want to turn her on. Let your hands wander caressingly over both of your bodies as you continue to whisper cuddly names in each other’s ears.

  • 14: Blowjob

Undoubtedly the most appreciated preliminary of the men!! Ladies and ladies, you should get on it if you want your man bursts into sighs and screams of pleasure.

Slowly stroke his penis in a back and forth movement along the penis before introducing it into your move.

Insist on the upper part of the penis which is very sensitive. You will light a sexual flame in your man.

  • 15: Cunnilingus

Women really appreciate this foreplay. Because it not only doubles the pleasure felt before intercourse, but it also allows the woman to lubricate well to facilitate penetration.

Moreover, the woman can reach orgasm via cunnilinguss, so it is interesting to put it in place, in order to heat your partner well, before sexual intercourse.

For further : you can share in comments the names of foreplay that you enjoy doing (or receiving).

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