List of 16 questions to ask on a first date

The right questions to ask on a first date

If you have a first date in sighthere are 16 excellent ideas of questions that you can ask on a first date. These are sample questions. in order to find and launch subjects of conversations :

  1. Is it organized or unpredictable?

This will help you know what to expect if the relationship works. You will know if the person shares the same values ​​as you. In a couple, surprises are sometimes necessary to spice up the relationship.

  1. The number of his siblings

The question seems simple and legitimate at first glance. However, it provides a general overview of its personality. Whether she is an eldest or a youngest, her behavior and her way of seeing things are different.

  1. His city of birth

This kind of question would put a flea in his ear. You show him your intention to to know in depth. The goal is to establish a climate of trust and to make her confide more. It is also a way to have a vague idea about his education.

  1. The kind of sport she practices

To know his interests will be an opportunity to further develop the relationship. You will have one more reason to meet her and do other things together. The more you are present in his daily life, the more essential you will be.

  1. What he is looking for in a relationship

This is a very important question, because it allows you to know if you have the same expectations in the relation. If this is not the case, it will not be necessary to continue further. However, you can remain friends after this first date.

  1. Know his description of a perfect weekend

When will the time come for a week-end ensemble, you can surprise her. You’ll be pretty sure she’ll like what you cook for her. Try to get as much information as possible to facilitate the organization at the right time.

  1. Knowing what his childhood dream looks like

Everybody has dreams in life. This question will help you find out about his craziest ambitions or desires. Your relationship can go to the next level thanks to this kind of question. Maybe you are the one who will turn his childhood dreams into reality!!

  1. What was his longest relationship?

This is the kind of question that bring up information which have not yet been revealed. A long relationship of several years is often difficult to forget. Is he or she really ready to move on? Or is she seeking consolation from you?

  1. His ambitions in life

It’s good to have a glimpse of his past to move forward better. Now we have to see his plans for the future. Can you write the future together with her? If you have the same ambitions, it’s because you have something in common, and you can see each other again after this first date.

  • Does his work thrill him?

Work is often source de stress. It is important to know if he thrives in his work. If not, your support will be appreciated. You can share some anecdotes to comfort him. The important thing is that he knows that you are there to support him at all times.

  • The worst dates of his life

It is an implicit way to know if it is comfortable in your company. It also allows you to have an overall idea of ​​what she really expects from a date. You can adjust the shot depending on the context. Improvise.

  1. The craziest thing she’s done in her life

This would allow you to know what extreme you can go with it. What are her fantasies, her wildest desires. It’s the best way to get to know her better. You will act accordingly.

  • Has he or she ever fallen in love?

Rather delicate question, but necessary to show your interest in him. Which implies that you want to hear his story and be a part of his life. You can at the same time know if he is ready to estart the journey with you.

  • When was the last time she cried?

She would be more or less embarrassed by the question. However, you make it clear to her that you want to get to know her better. Had she experienced a disappointment in love or a personal problem that marked her deeply? This will be a very important point to exploit.

  • Is there anything he’s proud of?

Men adore this kind of question. You can appreciate his state of mind and know if you have the same priorities in life. Is he the modest or rather boastful type? Does he like to take up challenges?

  • How does he or she see himself or herself in a few years?

The question is very vague. You will kill two birds with one stone, because you will have a lot of information about his life in general and his goal in life. You will know if he or she can make you happy.

For further : If you have other ideas on the subjects of conversations and questions to ask during a first date in love, you can indicate them in the comments:

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