List of 29 compliments for flirting

List of 29 compliments for flirting

We don’t get up one morning to to compliment a woman. It’s an art. it is learned or acquired at birth. So you have to improve every day, depending on theevolution your physique and your personality.

Do not confuse a compliment with a phrase just to attract the woman. The compliment must be clean, true and above all sincere. It’s the heart that speaks when it comes to paying compliments to a being that we consider so much. That said, in this article, you will have the 29 compliments most beautiful that a flirt can use.

List of compliments for a flirt

  1. I think you look lovely in that dress
  2. It is original your haircut, I love it !!!
  3. I really like the way you see things
  4. You are so special as a girl
  5. I’ve always found you pretty, but today your beauty is deep
  6. You exude great energy in the way you work.
  7. I like the way you dress
  8. You choose your clothes very well
  9. Your smile knocks me down
  10. The adjective radiant is made for you
  11. You were the prettiest all night
  12. I can’t replace you
  13. I am totally seduced by your intelligence
  14. With you I never get bored
  15. You have soft lips
  16. The most beautiful language in the world is that of your eyes
  17. You are brilliant my love
  18. You have blue eyes like my swimming pool
  19. You make me laugh
  20. You’re only 15 but your beauty is grown
  21. You are my greatest gift
  22. You inspire me at work
  23. You are a very strong woman
  24. I trust you with all my heart
  25. you are a beautiful soul
  26. No woman is understanding than you
  27. Your passion is so contagious that I’m crazy about you
  28. I’m so proud of you
  29. You always have the best perspective on things

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Hoping that this will allow you to accost in the street, and or flirt online, on dating sites or applications.

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