List of 9 Free & No Registration Dating Sites

List of 9 Free & No Registration Dating Sites

[Classement] What are the dating sites (free) and without registration?

You are looking for love, and you want to register for a dating site, but you do not want not pay 😉 (looking for a free solution), but above all, you don’t want no need to registerand leave your email address there.

Our list of dating sites (free) and without registration

Our list of sites dating free and without inscription :

Dating site Category Number of visitors / month Unique visitors / month % Women Most represented age group % French visitors Risk of fake profiles Desire for a long-term relationship / 10 Quality of the dating site / 10 Free & Without registration 3 220 000 227 000 43% 25-34 94% Raised 3 5 Free & Without registration 1 470 000 196 000 40% 25-34 61% Raised 3 6 Free & Without registration 580 300 98 040 43% 18-24 92% Intermediate 4 6 Free & Without registration 418 000 65 700 42% 18-24 90% Intermediate 3 5 Free & Without registration 385 000 75 400 35% 25-34 9% Very high 3 4 Free & Without registration 172 000 59 151 42% 25-34 58% Raised 3 4 Free & Without registration 164 600 31 200 29% 25-34 49% Very high 3 3
Chatiw Free & Without registration 154 300 26 600 49% 25-34 95% Raised 3 3
Greatchat Free & Without registration 124 000 18 700 50% 25-34 93% Intermediate 3 2

Statistical figures updated 2022. The problem is that dating sites like to have emails of their users, in order to be able to send them reminders, see advertising, thus, as you can see in the ranking, there are only a few sites concerned by the box « no inscription ».

The 3 best paid alternatives

And you are ready to take out the CB, you will come across sites with more members.. because they manage to pay for advertising to recruit. Here is my selection:

Your research Site Internet
Serious relationship See
Geolocate singles See
Plan Cul See
Relation Libertine See

These sites count several million members eachnormally with people near you, because these are the largest French platforms.

Analysis of possibilities without email or cb

Questions and answers about dating sites without registration

Not registering on a dating site, what does that actually mean?

Not registering means that you want to be able to exchange with other members, without have to leave your email address, personal information (see photos) with order to exchange, and especially that you wish to be able to preserve your anonymity, and to be able to discuss without your identify not be disclosed.

How does a dating site without registration work?

You should know that the majority of dating sites operate on a registration system, where your profile accompanies you with each connection. One of the expectations you want from a site without registration is to be able to log in easily, in seconds, without having to fill in a lot of information. On a dating site without registration, you must be able to exchange with other singles, without uploading photos or leaving emails.

Should you put your profile picture on a site without registration?

You are under no obligation, however nobody sane will want to trade with you (especially if you’re male), if you don’t upload photos. There are downsides to not wanting to show up online. So think twice before wishing remain anonymous online. It’s not just advantages.

What is a free dating site?

A dating site free is a site where registration, and the exchange with the members is done without having to subscribe to a monthly subscription. In France, we have identified 37 completely free dating sites. Note that if the dating site is free, it will live thanks to the advertising or through the resale of personal information. So, be careful, and don’t give out too much personal information.

For further : you can consult our list of 118 dating sites in france.

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