List of 9 preliminaries to do before making love

List of 9 preliminaries to do before making love!

Want to spice up your sexual relationship? The foreplay are essential to open the sensory sensors and to raise the desire in a progressive way!

  • 1. Breast massage

In the paradise of the zones erogenous, the breasts are largely in the lead. The nipple includes many nerve endings. Manipulation and massage of the breasts is part of the essential preliminaries for exciter your wife before making love. Excited, the nipples go erectthe breasts turn pink and swell.

Indeed, the nipple is sensitive to stimulation.

  • 2. Exploration of the female gender

Place the thumbs directly on the perineumthe region between the rectum and the genitals. Your thumbs should be placed one immediately above the other.

Apply a slight pressure and slide them upwards directly on the inner vaginal lips. When you get to the clitoris, pull them apart and, with one pointing to the right and the other to the left, slide them down directly between the inner and outer lips and so on to the perineum where you resume the initial position.

Do this twisting movement of the thumbs several times. Do not be afraid to use your hands, your mouth, brush the entire surface of the genitals with your fingertips, do not leave any part unexplored.

  • 3. Cunnilingus

This phase aims to reach a plateau of maximum excitation to give maximum pleasure. Pay close attention to the first contact with the glans of the clitoris. If it is early or too brutal, abandon it to better come back to it later.

You have the right to ask your woman washing her body, before performing cunnilingus on him as a preliminary. It’s a question health, and mutual respect.

  • 4. Caresses and sensual massage

The erotic massage is an ideal tool for Better know his partner: beyond the pleasant sensations, the sensual exchange contributes to the good knowledge of the body and has a positive impact on the control of sexual pleasure. During these massages, the body discover certain sensations and improves his ability to appreciate erotic stimuli.

The sensual massageis therefore an ideal preliminary, a slow rise in power towards something strong and intense. The caress is a moment of intense happiness. It ensures the evacuation of stress and revitalization of the partner who thus benefits from the latter.

  • 5. The languorous kiss

The kiss can represent a gesture of fusion, affection, passion and respect. The contact between the mouths, the united languages, provokes a strong excitement, a feeling of intense communion, of total fusion. Kissing is an art.

Focus on the pleasure of your lips against his lips, of your tongue against his tongue, of the contrast between dry and wet. Use your lips, your tongue, your teeth. caress her visagehis nape, his neck.

  • 6. Rimming

Of course, nothing compulsory, but this practice is still enough widespread. Rimming is the anal stimulation with mouth and tongue, also called anus flower or rose leaf. It is undoubtedly the most taboo of all the anal taboos… This is the last place where we generally imagine putting our lips and our tongue.

And yet! The sensations are absolutely indescribable for some women. Obviously, you need a good hygieneand asks his partner to wash well beforehand.

  • 7. Act out erotic scenarios

The scenarios and the stories erotic allow to increase excitement and turn sexual activity and foreplay into a fun and extremely existing game. As a preliminary, you can give roles to playand scenarios.

Par examplethe schoolteacher or the nurse, and to use the vocabulary used by these professionsin order to raise the temperature in your couple.

  • 8. Little BDSM games

BDSM means: bondage, submission and sadomasochism. Basically, that means you can have fun submit (kindly) your partner. This could excite him, and make him want to go to the penetrationwith more excitements and fantasies.

You can also use accessoriessuch as handcuffs or whips.

  • 9. Blowjob

Men appreciate receiving a fellatio before a sexual act. This can help them raise the desire, and to have a faster and longer lasting erection. Besides, some women also like to practice it, and it helps to develop the senses and their sexual drives.

The man loves blowjobs without teeth, and with tenderness. It should not be forgotten that the sex of the man is relatively sensible.

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