List of the 9 erogenous zones in women

The erogenous zones are areas of the body which are particularly sensitive and which, if solicited, can cause excitement and pleasure. The erogenous zones in women are many and varied but do not change much from one woman to another. Of course, everyone has different sensitivities and preferences but, in general, the 9 zones that I will mention to you next are all particularly erogenous in women. Here I am going to list the female erogenous zones from the most peripheral to the most intimate, from the most soft at the most caliente. In short, together, let’s see the map of the erogenous zones in women!

1- Ankles, feet, hands

Not to mention fetishism, these are areas of the body that accumulate a lot of tension and are particularly sensitive (with very many nerve endings). To initiate a first contact, to become familiar, to take the time to accept and appreciate the contact of the other, lingering on these areas can be a very good idea. For a little more intensity, a foot or hand massage will be welcome!

2- The back and the hips

The back is very vast but also very sensitive. Whoever touches a woman’s back expresses his desire for her: it is not a trivial contact! The back is in a way a preliminary zone, the one that is requested in preview… its symbolism, in addition to its sensitivity, is therefore very great. When dating, placing your hands on his back will bring you closer and strengthen your connection. Your hands wandering on his back will help increase his excitement… and even more so if you offer him a massage. There are many ways to caress his back, and all of them are very effective in arousing desire.

Similarly, placing your hands on her hips when you share a moment or a kiss can heighten the sexual tension between the two of you.

3- Ears

Erogenous zone ? ears ? But yes ! And more particularly the earlobe. Like the feet and the hands, the earlobes are extremities and are therefore very sensitive. All you have to do is take them between your fingers and caress them while you kiss your partner, or better yet, take their lobe between your two lips and lightly pinch them. Effect and thrills guaranteed.

4 – The neck and the nape of the neck

The neck and the nape of the neck are erogenous zones of the woman likely to make her shiver with pleasure. Place your hand on the back of her neck as you kiss her, stroke her hair and her neck at the same time, cover her neck with kisses and you’ll be sure to turn up the heat. Besides, while you’re at it, think about soliciting his earlobe!

5- Thighs

Who touches a woman’s thighs without having a naughtier intention in mind? Nobody ! and this is precisely why the thighs are an erogenous zone that should not be overlooked. Whether casually during a mundane interaction, or the logical continuation of your back massage, putting your hand on her thigh will arouse naughty ideas, desire, and excitement in her.

6- The mouth

Among the erogenous zones of women, do not neglect their mouth! And by that, I mean: consider kissing your partner languidly. The kiss is one of the best foreplay that exists because it can be both sweet and passionate, tender and wild. In short, a good kiss puts a woman in all her states. One of the best secondary erogenous zones, for sure!

7- The buttocks

We now come to areas called “primary erogenous zones”: they are directly linked to sexual attributes. The first of them is the buttocks. whether you just put your hands on them when you kiss her, whether you massage them after having caressed her back and her thighs for a long time, or whether you grasp them firmly during a hug: you will be well received.

8- The chest

The chest is perhaps even more erogenous than the buttocks! It is an area on which too few men linger while it provides a lot of sensations. You can massage her, kiss her, run your tongue over her nipples or even nibble them lightly. You can still hold it while you have sex. Because yes, the erogenous zones are not only stimulated before lovemaking: they are also stimulated during, for increased pleasure.

9- Genitals

These are the ones that are sure to drive a woman to orgasm if stimulated correctly. The genitals include both external parts (vulva, clioris) and internal parts (vagina, G-spot, deep spot, A spot).

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