Make a woman come well via 7 video tutorials

Make a woman come well via 7 video tutorials

If you want to learn about best coachhere is my selection of videos so to manage to make his partner come:

  1. Don’t neglect foreplay

Investigations revealed that 95% of men reach theorgasm during their sexual relations against only 65% for women. This clearly shows that the latter remain dissatisfied in bed.

Indeed, in many cases, it is observed that the men neglect foreplay. However, women absolutely need to be heated and horny before sex. To make a woman come, you have to be attentive to his feelings and fantasies.

Let’s not forget that women can cum multiple times during sex. For this, it will be necessary to stimulate the different erogenous zones, the clitoris, the cervix. Apart from the penis, you have other tools at your disposal like tongue or fingers. You have to know how to use them wisely.

Note that some women are in the habit of caress or masturbate. Thus, during sex, they often have difficulty enjoying. It is thus up to the man to put them in confidence and to help them to get rid of psychological blocks. Communication is very important during sex.

  1. How to make a woman come and satisfy her?

In every sexual relationship, the ultimate goal is to reach orgasm. But it’s not about looking one’s own pleasure.

There must be an exchange where each partner tries to offer the best of himself. To make a woman come, it is not enough to have a huge penis.

Even with a small penis, it is possible to bring a woman to the 7th ciel. You just have to know how to go about it. There are different ways to make a woman come.

You can for example change positions a bit, perform cunnilingus, stimulate the G-spot or the deepspot. Some women are unable to enjoy because of a psychic blockage.

The man should thus encourage her, reassure her and put her in confidence so thatthat she is more comfortable during the sexual act. If you want to make your partner come, you always have to adapt to her needs.

  1. Make a woman cum without penetration

The penetration is not the only way to make a woman come.

There are other techniques that can be used for the woman to achieve orgasm. Note that women take longer to enjoy. Some only manage to come after about thirty minutes of hot sex. But men can’t last that long, especially if you’re dealing with a premature ejaculator.

Which explains why many women never reach orgasm during sex. For a more powerful and faster orgasm, couples often resort to cunnilingus. Indeed, the clitoris is a very sensitive area which provides a immense pleasure.

You can also stimulate the point G with your fingers in circles or back and forth.

For a orgasm more powerful and extreme, it is also possible to tackle the cervix which lies a little deeper at the entrance to the uterus.

  1. New techniques to make a woman come

Making a woman come is not no small feat. Even the most experienced men sometimes have difficulty performing like a leader.

Note that women are by nature unpredictable. They react differently to stimulation. It is thus necessary to adapt to one’s fantasies, sensations and sensitivities in order to make them come.

If you want your wife to climb the curtain during sex, it is very important to pay special attention to his erotic language. It’s all about observation.

  1. How to please a woman?

This is the big question that many men ask themselves. Indeed, many fail to provide pleasure to their partners. This often leads to some frustration within the couple.

First, it must be understood that the foreplay are very important for women. Before sexual intercourse, take the time to excite the woman with caressesthe different stimulations at the level of the erogenous zones as well as the private parts.

Next, pay special attention to theambiancebecause it also influences the sensation of the woman.

For example, put musique sweet or candles. During penetration, learn to vary the pleasure to create more sensation.

The most important thing is to ask the woman what she aime so as not to go wrong.

  1. Secret to making a woman cum with a small penis

As we just said above, it don’t need necessarily have a huge penis to be able to make a woman come.

A little sex would do the trick. It would only be necessary to use other additional tools to be able to better explore the sex of the woman. By using the finger and tongue, you will make the girl addicted.

Specifically target the point G as well as the cervix and you will see how irresistible you will be.

If you have a small penis, your partner may not find it inconvenient to practice the anal coitus. With a double stimulationyou will drive her crazy.

  1. Tips for making a woman cum with your fingers

Fingers can do amazing things. It is entirely possible to make a woman cum repeatedly just by using his fingers.

However, not everyone can do this. First of all, it is necessary to know theanatomy of the woman, the sensitive areas, the different points that provide pleasure.

First, you need to create a sexual tension. The goal is to do wet the girl caressing her over her pants or skirt. After opening her pants you keep touching her through her thong or panties.

You always have to go slowly, because the zone female genitalia is very sensible.

When you get to the most intimate part, there are several choices available to you: the clitoris, the G-spot, the A-spot, the cervix or the anus.

You can do all possible moves: up and down, left and right, or in a circular motion. It’s up to you to recognize the girl’s preferences.

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