Meet a beurette – 7 specialized sites in France

Meet a beurette – 7 specialized sites in France

Are you a believer or not? Muslim or Atheist ? But you like them women from the Maghreb ? And suddenly, you would like to be couple with a « beurette » ? It’s a term commonly referred to on the web, and it means: « a woman of Muslim origin » and particularly countries of Maghreb. In short, in order to help you in your looking for lovehere is the selection of best dating sites for beurette in France.

In short, here ises 7 best sites in France, to meet a beurette:

1. Jacquie & Michel

The leading site for adult dating, Jacquie and Michel, has developed a version for people who wish to meet a woman from the south. It’s more about short-term relationships, not for a lasting relationship or a marriage for people who are rather oopen to new experiences.

See JM


It is rather a site oriented sex / one night stand, with people of North African origin. The site has developed a fairly large base in Ile de France, with a large number of subscribers. Profiles are often anonymous because members do not wish to be recognized. It’s an interesting platform to find women from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya or Egypt.



This is the first site of meeting dedicated to Muslim singles, Muslims, North Africans, North Africans or simply those who are in love with the Maghreb. The site currently brings together more than 3 million singles looking for serious and quality relationships. Registration on the site is completely free and all confidential member information is all secure. If drains such a large number of subscribers, it is above all for its reliability and the absence of false profiles. Any indecent or abusive behavior is not tolerated. All you have to do is inform the moderators and the profile in question will be immediately blocked. The site seeks above all to establish between the members, a healthy and friendly relationship.


It is a Muslim dating site where you can find singles of Moroccan, Algerian or Tunisian origin. Whether you are Muslim or not but in love with Eastern culture and Maghreb beauty, the site is for you. The advantage of the site is the possibility of creating personalized profiles. This which greatly facilitates the search and allows you to find exactly the person who matches your criteria. Note that on maghrebinlove, you are not likely to come across scammers or fake profiles, because the site moderators are very demanding on this point. The goal is indeed to make the site a reference by the quality of the profiles.


The site is over 15 years old and continues to help millions of people who are looking for their soul mates in the Muslim community. All you have to do is register on the site and communicate freely with millions of North Africans throughout France or elsewhere. The main disadvantage of dating sites is the existence of scammers as well as fake profiles that endanger the lives of subscribers. With arablounger, the leader in internet dating, this kind of problem does not exist. You can fully rely on the reliability of the profiles thanks to an encryption system and an infallible internal verification.


This dating site wants to facilitate meetings between Maghreb nationals, Muslims or other French-speaking countries who have a love for Maghreb culture. Many people have already tried the experiment. They were able to find their soul mates with whom they currently live in complete serenity. Among them, not ill have already passed the stage of marriage. Inchallah is considered the Number one of Muslim dating in France. Despite being free, the site is fully committed to helping members find what they are looking for. The philosophy of can be summed up by: politeness, respect, modesty and honesty.


Yaomri is a 100% free North African and Muslim dating site. However, members come from many countries: France, Belgium, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and others. If you are looking for a relation serious, in love or friendly with a North African or a North African, you were not mistaken. Above all, Yaomri wants to facilitate meetings and reduce the risk of scams as much as possible. As all new profiles are rigorously checked by moderators, you are not likely to come across a fake profile. Moreover, since the site uses the SSL protocol, the security of exchanges is guaranteed.

8. (for very religious people)

Muslima is an international reference when it comes to muslim dating site. Very well known in France with nearly 400,000 visits per month, it is full worldwide with more than 5 million monthly visits. If for women, the site is 100% free, men should pay an average of 30€ per month. By opting for a quarterly subscription, you can benefit from a reduction of 33%. Note that Muslima is currently one of the largest dating sites whose reliability is guaranteed at 99.99%. With over 4.5 million members, you won’t be leaving empty-handed. Don’t forget when the inscription to attach your photo.


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Questions answers

What is the definition of a beurette?

It is a vulgar expression to describe a woman from North Africa, and particularly the Maghreb zone (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria). Rather, it is a pejorative term, with an allusion to a sexual fantasy.

Why do some people dislike the word beurette?

The word beurette has a sound linked to sexuality, rather used historically by white people who sexually fantasized about girls from the south. Gradually, this word has been widely used in pornography, to the point that part of the population with an immigrant background no longer wishes to see the word used.

What is the imagination around the word “Beurette”?

The word beurette refers to the sexual imagination, with the connotation of an easy girl. The word is linked to the sexualization of women, and some see a racist dimension to it, linked to colonization and immigration. In short, it is better to avoid using it in a conversation.

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