Meet a dwarf woman – 9 places to meet!

Meet a dwarf woman – 9 places to meet!

Do you like midgets? And you dream of a sexual relationship or in love with a woman small in size? And you wonder where in to encounter ? Know that this dream is within reach, since there would be 3,000 women with dwarfism in France, or about 30 per department (according to Wikipedia). In short, here are the 9 locations where you are most likely to come across a dwarf.

here are the best places where to go, in order to meet a woman with dwarfism.

  • 1. At the exit of Fort Boyard

And yes, it is likely that Passe-Partout and Passe-Muraille have many admirers who come to ask for autographs at the exit of Fort Boyard. As a result, it’s worth hanging out at the landing of the fort-boyars’ boats, in order to have the chance to meet a woman suffering from dwarfism. And at worst, you’ll get an autograph from both TV stars.

And yes, the famous artist and actor (and now life coach) Jean-Marie Corda claims himself the king of the dwarfs (of small sizes). He also claims to be one of the people on earth, having already had a relationship with a dwarf, knowing that he is also a porn actor.

His passion for dwarfs is limitless, to the point that he would have scoured all the unpopular bars in Russia, and that he idolizes mimi Matthy, to the point of offering her a golden bridge, in order to shoot a video with her . In short, follow Jean-Marie Corda, because the king of X has his harem of dwarfs.

  • 3. APPT – Association of Short People

APPT or Association of Small People is a non-profit association created in 1976 by Maître Brissé Saint-Macary. Members are exclusively dwarfs of all ages. If you are a small person (less than 1m 40) or of normal height, but want to get to know a dwarf woman, do not hesitate to visit the association.

Dwarf people join the association to be able to make enriching exchanges with other dwarfs like them. Currently, the APPT has nearly 400 members in France, 61 of whom are in Paris. So, do not hesitate to contact the association if you plan to meet dwarf women.

This is one of the best midget dating sites. It is the privileged place for small people to chat with each other, exchange photos, make beautiful romantic or friendly encounters. If you are looking for a sweet and sexy midget woman, you have come to the right place.

The advantage of the site is that you can express yourself freely without any discrimination on the part of the members. You will be respected as a human being and not seen as a different person. Vilaines Rencontres is a very popular site in France.


  • 5. Children’s clothing stores

Given their small size, the dwarf women have difficulties to find clothes or shoes that suit them. You rarely find XS and XXS sizes in regular stores. On the other hand, if you want to meet dwarf women, opt for the children’s departments.

Prioritize, for example, the stores where you can find collections of the Zara brand. Indeed, this Spanish brand, offers clothes of very varied sizes. Most petite women prefer to explore this kind of place so that they can easily find the appropriate sizes. For example, you can opt for Galeries Lafayette or monoprix stores.

  • 6. Shoe palace (children’s section)

The store is located in Lyon and Paris. You will not miss the opportunity to meet dwarven women. Indeed, this shoe store offers customers a wide selection of items of all sizes. Even Michael Jordan, the famous American basketball player, sometimes does his shopping there.

Whatever the morphology of the feet, the size and the desired style, everyone can find what they are looking for. We can say that the store is the meeting place for people from various walks of life, because the products on display correspond to everyone’s expectations. You can meet unexpected but interesting people there.

  • 7. AQPPT – Quebec Association of Short People

The Quebec Association of Small People or AQPPT is the place to find dwarf women. If you are affected by dwarfism, the association will allow you to meet the woman of your dreams. Note that in Quebec, there are nearly 5,000 people affected by dwarfism. For more than 40 years, the association has supported people affected by this condition for better development in several areas: academic, professional and social.

Meetings are organized regularly to encourage discussion and sharing of experience. It should be noted that the association was created itself by dwarves. All members can thus express themselves freely without any form of discrimination. Thanks to the AQPPT association, many people have already been able to start a family and are currently very happy.

  • 8.

It is the largest social discovery network worldwide. The goal is to facilitate the meeting between people from different backgrounds. With more than 300,000 daily registrations, badoo now has more than 458 million members.

If you are looking for your soul mate or a lasting friendship, regardless of your physical condition, your preferences, or your beliefs, the site will allow you to meet great people. By innovating regularly and through the use of advanced technologies such as geolocation, you should find the people of your dreams.

  • 9. Telethon

This is a charity event organized in France since 1987. The goal is to raise funds to be able to fight against various diseases such as genetic and neuromuscular problems. Dwarfism is also one of the diseases for which solutions are currently being sought.

If you are looking for dwarf women, take advantage of this kind of operation to meet good people.

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