Meet millionaires or billionaires: 5 solutions

Meet millionaires or billionaires: 5 solutions

The dating website are now one of the best ways to meet new people. However, if the flirt has moved into the virtual this does not mean that the criteria for choosing a partner have changed. Financial wealth at the partner to meet remains a prerequisite. From this concern were born the premium or high-end dating sites for millionaires and billionaires. You will have understood that thanks to these little gems of technology, finding both love and money on the internet is a trivial matter.

1.MillionnaireMatch, the dream site for the French

MillionnaireMatch is the dating site intended for French super-rich. It does not prevent the foreign members to enroll but is primarily dedicated to the French public. This is not a place to meet her sugar daddy you that sugar baby but of a real VIP lounge where only the fortunate meet. Born in 2001, this application has gradually acquired the rank of best application on the market of the dating de luxe in France. Its total number of users is over 4,000,000 and its active audience is 80%. The site presents a lot of functionalities and equipment such as a relationship counselor. Most members of the site are jet-setters such as CEOs, athletes and other influential personalities from France. So if you want to meet millionaires in France, what are you waiting for? MillionaireMatch is for you.

What are the characteristics of the site?

  • The site is selective which saves you bad encounters and fake accounts;
  • A host of features;
  • A focus on the French public.

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2.Subscribe to LUXY, security of use guaranteed

No need to introduce it. When it comes to luxury dating, Luxy has proven itself. It’s a dating site dedicated to high society. Luxy is expected to be the best dating site for the rich these days and for good reason the application is inaccessible for people with less than 200.000 dollars par an. The vast majority of adherents to this exclusive website are verified millionaires. Registering on Luxy therefore gives you the privilege of getting to know major entrepreneurs, oil companies, CEOs, athletes, influencers, bloggers and even stars. The app has an active audience of 72% with a total profile count of more than 8000. It is highly popular among people whose age is between 30 and 35 years old.

How does LUXY work?

In the LUXY application, the fate of new subscribers is in the hands of subscribers already active on the platform and the staff of LUXY. One thing is assured, the people who interact on the platform are wealthy enough they are therefore not after your money. It is therefore necessary to fill in your profile sufficiently for the application to work optimally. On board, you must state your financial situation by sending a clear photo of your tax return some exercice. You will also need to submit a photo of one of your pieces of identity. Registration can be done via your Facebook account, your e-mail account or your Google account.

What are the benefits of LUXY?

  • The absence of fake profiles ;
  • Members are certain of their security because their network does not want their money;
  • Luxy is a elite network which verifies the situation of all its members

Limits de LUXY ?

  • Everything is expensive in the app
  • The Platinum feature is only available for 6 people in one city.

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3. The EliteRencontre option: serious and sophisticated

How To Talk About Online Dating Without Thinking About elite datingthis site of classe premium offers you profiles that are just as interesting as each other. In fact, most of the members are made up of wealthy senior officials and serious belonging in particular to the class of higher education graduates. The site offers two modes of use: le mode premium et simple mode. The premium mode is the most suitable for meetings with millionaires.

What are the advantages of EliteRencontre?

  • The website is hoopoe and the people selected respond to the requests made.
  • Regularity in the number of profiles presented per day.

The limits of EliteRencontre

The site is not exclusive that is to say that it is possible to meet millionaires and billionaires if the profile is sufficiently informed and under the premium regime, but if you choose the simple option it is impossible to come across profiles of millionaires and billionaires since the latter are quite selective.

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4.Rich meet beautiful.

This is the site for those who have no time to waste. Rich meet beautiful is a site that allows you to chat between members who know what they want. If you are looking for a sugar daddy or a sweet baby, this application is for you. This is the option for confident, rushed millionaires and those who aren’t afraid to seize their opportunities. This site is packed with features but does not necessarily require a tax return photo to identify yourself. Indeed, as aforementioned, the millionaires here are confident, hard-pressed men who know the material value of their time and what they are looking for in their partner.

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AttractiveWorld it is the site indicated to make meetings in quantity and quality. With a number of members over 70,000, the application is a mix between millionaires higher education graduates, entrepreneurs in France. Registration on the site is conventional and similar to registration for all sites of this caliber. All you have to do is connect via your Google or Facebook account or via your email address. Then, you have to fill in your profile by filming either your passport or your license, present a annual tax return. Once the authenticity of your status is established you can access the features of the application and converse with serious millionaires present on the site. AttractiveWorld is an application highly appreciated by the French public for its ease of use and its extensive network. The language of use is also a key factor. However, the application suffers from a lack of members despite the simplicity in the registration process.

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Videos on sites to meet millionaires and billionaires

Questions answers

Aren’t events at sites for the wealthy a little too expensive when you know the price of entry fees?

Yes, for some sites like Luxy, members think that the applications could reduce the cost of events as well as virtual gifts.

Are luxury dating sites more effective in finding love?

Luxury dating sites have more serious features than standard sites, which makes them more effective in achieving the set objective of love and wealth.

Are French luxury dating sites more effective than others?

These sites are appropriate for the French public. Each geographical area can have a site that meets its own expectations.

Are sites without a sugar daddy and sugar baby dating option suitable?

It all depends on the purpose of the site. There are sites that prefer to only deal with wealthy people to guarantee the intentions of members.

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