Meetic vs AdopteUnMec? Comparative in 19 criteria

Are you single and looking for a dating site? And you hesitate between Meetic vs AdoptAGuy ? Do not panic, since we have made a comparative for you in 19 statistics, with the aim of guiding you as well as possible, between the two French heavyweights, for the under 40s. The goal is to help you make the best choice.

Meetic vs AdopteUnMec: 19 points of comparison

Notre comparative table between Meetic vs AdopteUnMec in 19 points:

Our analysis of the differences between Meetic and AdopteUnMec

To refine our analysis, we have the points major differences between the two dating sites:

1ère Battle : L’audience

  • Meetic has many more members and unique visitors per month (11M vs 3.8M / month).
    • Thus, if you live in a less populated area, you will have more members on Meetic.
  • Victory Meetic

2nd Battle: The age groups

  • AdopteUnMec has a higher proportion of 18-24 year olds (most represented segment)
    • Meetic has more members after 25 years
  • Victory AdoptA Guy

3rd Battle: member engagement

  • In number of pages per visit and average time spent on the site, AdopteUnMec is slightly ahead.
    • But Meetic members come more regularly to its dating site
  • Equality between Meetic & AdopteUnMec

4th Battle: the percentage of male versus female

  • Meetic has 49% women for 51% men, while the ratio is 45% at AdopteUnMec
    • Meetic has proportionally more women (better for men!)
  • Victory Meetic

5th Battle: prices

  • AdopteUnMec is free for women, but paying for men. Above all, men buy credits, and if they consume them too quickly (often the case), they have to go back to the cash register.
  • On Meetic, men and women pay a monthly fee, but use is then unlimited, without restriction.
    • In short, if you are a woman, Adopte is more interesting, but Meetic is more for men.
  • Equality between Meetic & AdopteUnMec

6th Battle: Fake Accounts

  • Both sites offer a low rate of registrants from abroad
  • And quickly deletes accounts in the event of a slip-up via a responsive moderation service.
  • Equality between Meetic & AdopteUnMec

My final choice

Au end of this battle, between the two dating giants, Meetic wins for 5 points against 4 for Adopt.

However, AdoptAGuy turns out to be an interesting choice, if you are a femme and in urban area, and you have under 25, for there will be many men, and you will not have to pay.

In contrast, Meetic remains a better alternativeif you are over 25 (for both men and women), and for men in general, as they are better represented in percentage, and less limit to use their accounts.

For further

Note that we classify these two dating sites in the category « serious“. You can give your opinion on this comparison in the comments below, and visit our ranking of 118 dating sites in France, in order to find the platform that suits you best.

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