My review of Heavn (the KTO dating app)

My review of Heavn (the KTO dating app)

Through this article, you will see my test and opinion on Heavna dating app for Christian singles, which is born in the beautiful city of Bordeaux, for Christians around the world, that… (spoiler)… I particularly recommend you.

What is Heaven?

Heaven is a application free created for the purpose of facilitate the meeting between Christians in a safe and caring environment, and in the most natural way possible.

Whether you have faith or simply adhere to christian valuess, this application is made for you!

The application now brings together more than 30,000 members and is available in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

How does Heavn work?

Heavn is an application of slow dating. Unlike most dating applications, it has chosen to offer each of its members 3 profiles per daychosen thanks to their matching algorithm. They want to prioritize the quality of encounters over the quantity.

The way to meet is very different from the most well-known applications such as Tinder. Like on a social network, we like an element of the profile of the proposed person (by adding a message if we wish), and if this person likes back, the connection (the match!) is made and we can continue the conversation. This allows to break the ice !

What are Heavn’s values?

Sharing common values is essential when one aspires to commit to a couple’s project, to found a family, to live a lasting love in fidelity. 👩‍❤️‍👨

Heaven wishes break down barriers which can sometimes prevent us from meeting in « real life ». A geographical distance for some, a life at 100 per hour for others… but also the famous barrier of shyness! The application wishes to create bridges between the different religious sensitivities, parishes, churches, backgrounds… 🤝

Why the name Heavn?

Heavn is a derivative of the word heavenwhich means paradis in English. Paradise is for all Christians synonymous with a marvelous space where our souls will know eternal, perfect and infinite happiness! 👼🙏

Is the application made for all Christians?

Yes, Heavn is the first French-speaking Christian dating application, with more than 30,000 members ! 🤗

Whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Orthodox or belonging to another branch of Christianity, you have your place on the application.

How to register on Heavn?

To register on Heavn, you will not have to pay anything since registration is free. You can register by SMS, Facebook, Trusted People, Google or Apple.

Pour Download l’application, Click here from your smartphone!

You can also find the app on your Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone) by searching Heaven, simply. 📲

You will need to enter your first name, your date of birth, specify your religious sensitivity, add at least 3 photos and answer the 3 questions that will then appear on your profile.

Heavn, free or paid?

Heavn is an app totally free, which operates through donations from its members. For each donation made, you can get 3 additional profiles.

Who are the founders of this app?

Heavn was created by three friends with the aim of facilitating the meeting between Christians and allowing many marriages. Here is a presentation of the founders:

Guiral / CEO : After 10 years spent at RCF as a sound engineer and various musical projects 🎙️🔊 he embarked full-time on the Heavn adventure in April 2018.

Pierre / COO : After having worked as an oncogenetic doctor 👨 ⚕️🩺 in parallel with various entrepreneurial projects, he made the choice to devote himself to Heavn.

Guillaume / CTO : Freelance developer 👨‍💻 for ten years and development teacher in his spare time, he joined the Heavn project at the end of 2018.

Videos on Heavn (the KTO dating app)

Interview of the founder:

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And you, what do you think of Heavn? Say it in the comments.

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