🇫🇷 National Study – The impact of COVID on French singles 🇫🇷

🇫🇷 National Study – The impact of COVID on French singles 🇫🇷

[Étude nationale] The impact of the second wave of COVID on French singles

Purpose of the study : With the government obligation to carry out a curfew from 6 p.m.without the possibility of physical encounters, what are the consequences on the behaviour of the singles French ?

Figures of the single population in France

First of all, and as a reminder, here are some figures on the importance of celibacy in France:

  • In France, there 10 million people who live alone (figures Compass), the vast majority of whom are single people.
  • 27% of single French people are registered on a dating site / application (digits of the French Statistical Society)
  • In France, about 25% of couples, formed in 2019, met via a dating site (extrapolation of the figures of Statesman for the United States).

The results of the study 🇫🇷

Since the speech by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, on October 28, 2020, and the announcement of the second curfew, this has resulted in developments following behaviors:

  • Average drop of 40% in the audience of dating sites in France
  • Nevertheless, the second containment had a lower impact on the first, which had known a 60% drop (versus pre-COVID period).

The category of the oldest impacted is still the Seniors (over 60) with a drop of 50% of their visits to dedicated dating sites.

To note that summer 2020, who has preceded this second confinement, had been particularly carrier for dating sites, with a 20% growth compared to 2019.

Results by type of dating sites

For a finer analysis, it isn results from the evolutions following by categories of dating sites:

Categories Before March 16

Base 100 index

17/03 au 31/03

Premier confinement

1/04 au 11/5 12/5 au 29/10
30/10 au 31/03/2021

Second containment

General dating sites 100 55 110 120 80
Example : Meetic, AdopteUnMec, EliteRencontre
Location-based dating apps 100 35 90 110 65
Example : Tinder, Happn, Once
Senior dating sites 100 25 70 95 45
Example : SayTomorrow, NosBellesAnnées
Libertines dating sites 100 80 85 110 85
Example : Wyylde, Jacquie et Michel Contact
Sites for organizing singles outings 100 30 45 60 35
Example : OnaVaSortir.fr, SortirBouger.com

Some interpretations of the results

By consulting these figures, it is possible to draw the following interpretations:

  • Faced with the uncertain duration of the second confinement, 40% singles already registered have signed up temporarily withdrawn dating sites
    • The seniorsbeing considered as a population at risk, have decided to put themselves more in withdrawal (50% of registrants) than the other age groups.
  • Nevertheless, this second confinement being less restrictive (and sometimes less respected), this unsubscribe waveoption is less strong (-20%).
    • Some of the singles must tell themselves that the life must go onand that you have to move forward in your personal life.
  • Finally, dating sites (and applications) have experienced a record attendance during the summer of 2020 (compared to 2019), logical rebound effect.

Single Behavior Infographic

Coronavirus - Second wave in France

Source of data : Data collected by stat-rencontres.fr through the monthly audience of 118 dating sites in France 🇫🇷.

Press release : link to press release at format pdf

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments.

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