“No Match” on Tinder – 5 Explanations & 5 Solutions

“No Match” on Tinder – 5 Explanations & 5 Solutions

Despite your regular presence and even seeing your paid subscription, Tinder doesn’t work for me for you ? You do not have no likes in return ? You do not have  » no match” on Tinder? Here is my 7 explanations to the feelings of many men share.

I have “no matches” on Tinder: the 5 reasons behind men’s dissatisfaction

you have installed Tinder. At first excited at the idea of ​​being present on the supermarket of the meeting, you quickly realized that despite the impression number of profiles that you « liked », that in the end you have very few women who agree toengage the discussion with you, and which above all do not meet your physical and intellectual expectations. So you start to question the relevance of Tinder.

Notre great study on Tinder helps to identify why men feel unwell on Tinder, and very often come out frustrated, even if they invest in an account with paid options.

  • 1. An unbalanced male/female ratio

First of all, if you are a man, know that Tinder matters. 34% female members for 66% male members. On a number of 100, this will make 34 women for 66 men (imagine the club atmosphere at the end of the evening). In short, there is a significant imbalance. This is already a large part of the answer.

  • 2. Men are more active

Second, men go on Tinder much more frequently and are much more active there than women. That is, they log on more often and for longer. Some of the men connect to it several times a day, relaunching the liking machine, waiting impatiently (see addiction) for a mutual like, in order to be able to start a discussion. Something that women do not do, who only need to connect for ten minutes a day.

  • 3. Men are seductive

Finally, men need to « like » dozens or even hundreds of profiles to start a conversation, while women get “likes” almost every profile, which leads them to become suspicious (which we will see below), but above all allows them to have profiles to consider, without having to spend hours on Tinder.

  • 4. Tinder creates an unhealthy addiction

As you know, on Tinder, only appearance matters. Men and women are looking for physical criteria, sometimes even beyond reasonable. Some of the men and women are at the search for genetic characteristics (size, color, hairstyle, chest etc.).

The more profiles you « like », the more likely you are to get in touch with people. Thus, people who like to seduce (and have the desire to be liked) can develop an addiction to Tinder, and find themselves connecting very regularly, in scrolling through hundreds of profiles (chronophagous), in search of their idealized partner. The frustration is still just as important.

  • 5. Paid options are useless

Tinder highlights its paid options, in order to supposedly allow to multiply contacts. First of all, the possibility of liking an unlimited number of profiles, as well as the visibility boost. For both options, users are relatively disappointed with their purchases, which would not really allow you to meet more people, and rather to empty your wallet. Moreover, these purchases nothing will change au male to female ratio catastrophic on Tinder.

  • 6. Very demanding women

Moreover, women gain confidence (and may feel superior to men), since they can engage in discussions with men (comparatively more physically beautiful than them), and in abandon men, who nevertheless have a « physical note » equivalent to theirs. It is this fact that generates the most dissatisfaction among men on Tinder, and that makes the most famous dating application on the web finally have a rating of around 4/5 on the Appstores (while it there is nothing to reproach him on the technical part)

  • 7. Male/female expectations are misaligned

Tinder claims positioning on the “encounter” in the broad sense, but does not specify, if its objective is to create long-term relationships, one-night relationships, see adulterous and sometimes even venal (like the sugar baby). As a result, everyone finds themselves on Tinder, without having the same expectations!

This situation created many misunderstandings between men (present en masse to seduce & find a sexual partner), and women, who take their time more, registered in order to assess the quality of potential partners present, and not necessarily motivated by the idea of ​​going to bed the first night. Finally, many registered women will never date.

  • 8. Why are women “suspicious” on Tinder?

As a result, women develop a distrustful attitude towards men. That is to say, they were able to be had in past relationships, on different expectations, in which they allowed themselves to be led into a relationship that they did not want. Consequently, they put a large part of the men in the same riding, and prefer to protect themselves, so as not to suffer the same sentimental disappointment again.

  • 9. Women are inundated with messages

Moreover, women are literally harassed by messages flirts on Tinder. In particular by men who approach them without putting on the forms, and of whom she feels bestial envy behind the approach. A woman has learned from an early age to protect herself from men, and sometimes to keep the necessary distance, allowing them not to feel « cornered » by men. So you understand why they may not respond to your messages.

The main figures on Tinder

  • Sex-ratio: Only 20% of men pocket 80% of women.
    • There are very BoGoss men who chain the conquests there
    • And pick up all the women who are there for sexual relations.
  • You do not probably don’t agree to what the looking for women.
    • Your physical criteria do not match the search (height, weight, appearance).
    • Your social-professional classification is not sought
    • Your physique is not up to par compared to other men
    • You don’t belong to a « group » the person is looking for
  • Your clothing is not appropriate to seduce online.
    • Try to get advice from a friend or a pro
  • Your profile can probably be improved
    • Write a funny catchphrase
    • Redo your Tinder photography via a professional
  • Tinder is not not necessarily the right dating site for you.
    • It exists 118 dating sites in Francemany with better male/female ratios.
    • Paid sites offer less competition than free ones

Q&A on Tinder Matches

What do users think of Tinder?

Tinder is relatively poorly rated by its users, whether on iOS & Android, with an average rating of 4/5, which is relatively low, for an application with so much investment. The main reason is that men do not find their happinesswith few mutual “likes”, therefore “no match”, and men who are disappointedwhile they have sometimes invested in the paid formula.

If Tinder doesn’t work for me. What lessons?

Tinder is a dating site with a very fierce competition between men, where only the most beautiful and attractive men find their accounts there, because there is a limited number of women, with 34% of women for 66% of men. It’s the 80/20 rule, meaning that 20% of men manage to get in touch with 80% of women.

What are the best alternatives to Tinder?

You can go to Meetic, which offers a more balanced male/female ratio, around 45%/55%, and in which there is less competition between men. Otherwise, you can go to AdopteUnMec, EliteRencontre or Happn.

Are women inundated with messages on Tinder?

Yes, all women receive matches on 80% of their swipes. Moreover, there are men who have taken options payingin order to be able to send a message, even if there are no matches. Thus, women are flooded messages, which is why you probably won’t get a response to your messages.

If I think I’m ugly, is Tinder for me?

You don’t have to to despair. It will be necessary to focus on your personality, your humor, your social success or the activities you practice. Here are the four pillars on which you will have to bet, and highlight in your photos, and description of your profile.

What to do if the Tinder app is not working?

If your Tinder app isn’t working, there are several things you can do to try to fix the problem. First, make sure you have the latest version of the app installed on your device. If not, try updating it and see if that fixes the problem. If you still have the problem, try restarting your device and opening the Tinder app again. If all else fails, you may need to delete the Tinder app and reinstall it.

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To conclude : In short, and fortunately, there is not only Tinder in life, and other solutions are more interesting to find love. You can leave your feedback on Tinder, in the comments below, and indicate if you are aligned with these facts (or not).

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